Why Every Birthday Wrecks Me

    Two days ago, my youngest child turned one. I never thought I'd be the mom who cried on my daughter's birthday, but there were a lot of things I never would have imagined doing, before....more

My Child's Friend Is Driving Me Crazy!

Dear Mouthy Housewives, My daughter has a neighborhood friend who is very sweet but never stops talking. When she is at our house, she is constantly asking me a million questions and it makes me insane. My daughter loves her and always wants to have her over, but I seriously can't handle it. What should I do?  Signed, Not So Crazy About Chatty Cathy ...more
I wonder if the child is simply compensating for what she isn't getting at home.. Just a thought..more

8 Things I Wish My Kid's School Understood About Autism

April is Autism Awareness Month, but in my house we are always aware of autism. My 8-year-old daughter was diagnosed with autism a few years ago, and autism has become just another part of our lives. ...more
Very well written Jody. I wish you and your lovely daughter good luck.more

7 Things Kid-Free People Should Stop Saying

The struggle is real, people. All the moms out there know how difficult parenting can be. There are so many decisions that need to be made about your child, your family, and your lifestyle. Every choice has a pro and a con, and every choice has an audience of nay-sayers and criticizers. We will never be perfect, but that’s okay because we are all trying our best. ...more
no, it's not, but when the caption above the article says "What do you think?" ..... we get to ...more

Things I love about being a Mommy

I love being a mom. Simply stated, not discounting the tough times and tiredness or days I want to pull my own hair out...I truly love being a mom.On some level, I knew I would become a mom, but I was career minded and didn't foresee it.  However, I was blessed with two healthy babies, a boy and a girl and I think to myself, this is the best job ever (though without a doubt, the toughest). Here are just a few reasons why I love this gig:...more

My Spring Dilemma: Chocolate Bunny vs. Matzo

Many of us have heard of the December Dilemma: the conflict that arise when interfaith families chose how to celebrate Hanukkah and Christmas. But few talk about what I’m calling the Spring Dilemma: Passover and Easter. I hesitate even mentioning them in the same sentence because they are really unrelated. But since they both fall in spring, they tend to get lumped together as the spring holidays. Not to mention the fact that the egg plays a role on the Passover seder plate, and well, we know what it means for Easter. ...more
Gumdrop_Lane BlogHer Oh, I like your thinking! Brilliant!more

Goodbye Parenting, Hello Carenting

 “I lived alone for almost a decade, but I never actually felt alone until I had children,” Tarja Parssinen recently wrote in Salon....more
trampslikeus2 Now that women work, we need to return to that kind of parenting to support all ...more

Moving With Little Ones

Let’s be honest, while it’s super exciting, moving can also be a huge pain. This process can only be made more difficult if you are in tow of a little one. Make things as easy on yourself (and your little one) as possible by following these tips....more

How To Get Your Toddler To Sleep In Their Own Bed: A Step-By-Step Guide

For those of you that Googled “how to get your toddler out of your bed,” I'm here to help.I know what you're saying right now: “I told you not to co-sleep. I told you you'd never get them out of your bed. I told you they'd be sleeping with you until they're 16.”...more

Sit Down! Some Rules Are Made to be Broken

Sit Down! Some Rules Are Made to Be Broken...more