Why I Post Pictures of My Kids Online

I joined Instagram in 2010, right after my first child was born. I posted a few photos here and there, but it wasn't until 2012 that I became a regular user. We had just moved to a new neighbourhood here in London, and I didn't know anyone. After a few lonely months, I figured out that I could connect with local mums by following them on Instagram. ...more
I love this. Thank you so much for sharing.more

Art is the new “black!” What Your Preschooler Can Learn From Studying the Fine Arts

Did you know that art education – even at the preschool level – is just as important to development as reading and math?  In fact, art is a major building block in child development and learning to create and appreciate visual beauty may be even more important to the development of the next generation of children....more

8 annoying behaviours in children and what can you do about it.

What should you know about bad habits and annoying behaviors in children?Parents naturally find many habits and behaviours of their children annoying. When it's time to change or modify annoying behaviours, it is very important to understand "WHY" your child is doing it. Most of the time, it is just imitating or a coping strategy. They may reach out for these annoying behaviours when they feel tired, stressed, depressed, insecure or sad. They find these 'annoying behaviours' soothing and calming....more

Six Things to Look for in a Life Partner

A letter to my children about love: I want all three of you to know what love is.  I hope that you never have the opportunity to learn from experience what it isn't.  My wish for you is that you find a life partner who understands you right through to your soul.  Below is a list of things you should look for in a life mate. ...more

Why I Won't Have Another Child

As a young married couple, we are constantly getting asked questions about having children. As soon as we got married, everyone was curious as to when we would start a family. After we gave birth to our first child, questions flooded in about when we would give our son a playmate. And even after having two children, it seems that there is no end in sight to the inquiries about expanding our family. ...more
The pressures of society to have a baby, to have another baby, etc. are awful.  I am glad to ...more

Are You Worried About Your Child's Weight?

I have a little secret: I am concerned about my son's future weight. He's not in any danger of being overweight right now, but it is an issue that I try to keep my eye on. Is he getting enough regular exercise? Eating enough healthy food? Growing the way he should? I am concerned about all these things. Clearly, I read too many parent studies, and they weigh on my mind. ...more
It does worry me, especially now that my daughter is at the age she can go with friends to get ...more

Breastfeeding Week: DIY Nursing Cover

One of the hardest parts of breastfeeding initially is maintaining a feeling of modesty in a very vulnerable situation. Before my second daughter was born, I made a DIY nursing cover and it really helped me gain a sense of comfort when breastfeeding in public....more

I'm Totally Fine With My Child Being Average

A few weeks ago, I was reading through a few posts on a parenting forum I frequent where a conversation had sprung from a parent who was completely delirious and devastated that her child doesn’t seem to have a future as a "gifted" child. What kind of prospects could she possibly ever expect to have? What kind of life and future could she really obtain if she has to live her life as an “average” child? Um ... WTF. Seriously? ...more
Love this outlook! Yes, I will be perfectly fine if my kids are average - as long as they are ...more

3 Times When You Should Hit Pause on Parenting

The word "pause" is a very familiar term. In my house, pause usually represents either the button I hit on the TV remote to (loudly) announce that dinner is ready. That's for the younger kids. For my older crew, I pause the house's internet access, which flushes the older kids out of hiding in all corners of the house like cockroaches. But the word PAUSE has entirely new meanings in my life as of late. ...more
I'm still working on your first point.  Some days I do better than others.  I'm thinking of ...more