Mother Raises Awareness of Malnutrition

Most of us are given a healthy start to life. We are taken care of by our mother from the moment she sees the “pink line.” My daughter was given every advantage to a healthy start to life.  I ate a well balanced diet rich in fruit, vegetables and dairy, and I religiously took my prenatal vitamins. Because of this she thrived inside of me for nine wonderful months.  Unfortunately, she lived for only a short time – thirty minutes at most....more

Will I Ever Be Ready?

What do you do when your body and brain are at odds with your heart?We've been telling people that, without a doubt, 4 children is plenty.  This is it.  We're done now.  Captain is absolutely sure.  But, if I'm being honest with myself, for me, the feeling just isn't there....more

Lessons in Kindness from Someone Else’s Child

Each day I leave my nice, cushy neighborhood to drive across town to my daughter’s school. It is an 18-minute lesson in gratitude and guilt.The route is nearly equal parts churches, daycares, convenience stores, bars and boarded up buildings. People wait for busses in clothing not nearly warm enough for the subzero temps. It is a daily reminder that my upper-middle class life is one of privilege....more

Children and Technology: How much is TOO much?

The other night we watched a show about how much the world is depending on technology today. One of their examples were airplane pilots vs. the computers of auto pilot features. It said that on an average flight from Denver to London, the pilot has his hands on the controls for maybe three minutes. The rest is auto-pilot and up to the computers. Isn't that scary to think about? I would have a hard time trusting a pilot I didn't know personally to fly me, let alone trusting a computer to fly me across the world. ...more
Interesting post.  I am guilty of sticking my kids infront of tv or games to stop a tantrum or ...more

Calling Friends

It seems everyone has a cell phone these days.Even some elementary school kids have them.If a kid today wants to see a friend they call or text from their phoneand make a play date.But back in the days of my youthfulness it was different....more
melanie jean juneau  Sorry I haven't said hello before now.  I am just getting used to BlogHer. ...more

You're Loved.

So for a little while, I’ve been following this fantastic blogger (and I now own a couple of her books) named Holley Gerth.  She’s another one of those who writes into my heart.She’s started “Coffee For Your Heart,” which allows those what want to join in a chance to be encouraging (with prompts she sends out) every Wednesday, whether through their blog, their Facebook, or a Tweet....more

The fruits

Carolina is my dog

Children and animalsHow many times has your child asked you have a puppy? How many times have you told him not? Because you live in an apartment, because you have to take him out, because you have to educate. There are a thousand reasons to say no, but you had the luck of having a dog as a kid? it is not necessary to explain how important it is for a child to have a pet....more

Adventures in Marriage and Cooking

My husband is a meat and potatoes kind of guy. However, he has two things that he will not eat. He can't stand onions and tomatoes, so I've had to come up with variations to work around not including these two ingredients that are in most recipes. One day, after I started cooking for him more, I asked what food he had been craving. My husband is such an amazing man and made sure I always got the foods I was craving when I was pregnant with our daughter, Ava. I wanted to do the same for him. He said that it had been years since he had beef stew....more

6 Tips for Teaching Handwriting to Young Children

A child's success in handwriting depends on their fine motor development. Fine motor muscles are the muscles in our hands and fingers that are responsible for the small muscle movements used in cutting, drawing, and writing. ...more
I'd' also add ripping newspapers, connecting the dots with pens/markers/etc, and teaching kids ...more