Someone Point Me to the Greenest Grass

Image Credit: Jenny Dunn Pray...more

I'm a Pretty OK Mom

In my last post, I talked about five of the reasons I'm not a very good friend. Those reasons are still all true, but some of the things that make me a bad friend actually make me a pretty ok mom....more

The Best Job

The Best Job "You have the best job.  I know it's boring and long sometimes...but you get to take care of the most special little girl."These are the words I woke up to this morning.  My husband's sweet words took me by surprise after being at home for a few long days with a very sick and whiny little girl....more

Are Boys Harmed by "Hook-up" Culture?

Earlier today I came across an article talking about the "hookup culture" and how is it also detrimental to the adolescence of  boys and not just girls.  I have always found it interesting the way the girls and women are more often portrayed as the only ones harmed in a situation, especially if it is sexual.  Men are always shown as the aggressor and women are almost always shown as the victim.  Of course in a bad situation, there can be a victim on both sides.  ...more

Art with the Kids, Part 3 - Printmaking!

I love printmaking! It's kind of like painting, kind of like collage, kind of like sculpture. The tools are special and exciting. And, I've never found a kid yet who didn't just love printmaking, too. So, let's get started!...more

Choosing Gratefulness

Choosing to live a life of gratitude sure is harder than it sounds. Everywhere we go, everywhere we look, we are bombarded by our need more and need it now culture. Patience seems to be a rarity. Compassion is hard to come by. Gratefulness is a bit of a mystery. It’s so easy to be sucked into what society says about deserving more and better and it’s hard to step back and say “No. I already have all I need.”...more

Are You Raisin' Intelligent Kids?

Ever wondered whether your toddler will grow up to be a bright, young spark? Well, scientists at the University of Warwick believe they have found a way to predict a child’s intelligence in one simple test. By placing a raisin under a cup and asking their test toddlers to refrain from eating it, they could determine the inhibitory control of each child....more

All Is Calm: The Benefits of Quiet Time for Babies and Children

One thing that I often talk with parents about is introducing some quiet time in the days of their babies and children. Even adults can reap huge benefits from indulging in a little quiet each day. However, for developing young bodies and brains, it is without question a worthy habit to adopt. Here’s why: ...more