5 Ingredient Breakfast Bars!


Easy Chocolate Chip & Peanut Butter Cookies

In honor or chocolate chip day today, I thought I'd bake, eat, and share this recipe. Now, I did consider simply making chocolate chip cookies, but the added benefit of peanut butter I couldn't resist. These cookies are the absolute best! O-M-G! They melt in your mouth and have that stick to the roof of your mouth.There's no flour, either! So all my gluten-free, gluten sensitive people, this one's also for you!!I don't use vanilla in my baking. Does that make them better? You be the judge :wink wink:...more

Dreamy Cloud Cake ~ 5 ingredients/Just a few minutes

Cloud Cake – Dessert in just minutes!Get the recipe at:...more

A DIY Treat for Mom

One of the most special holidays in our hearts is Mother’s Day.  This is a day that we can celebrate our wonderful moms and have our kids shower us with love…we hope.  Here is a simple DIY recipe that any child can do, with a little help from dad, to surprise their mom on this love filled day. ...more

Healthy Chocolate Scones!

Healthy Chocolate Scones! ...more

Chocolate Banana Cake {Egg-free, Dairy-free}


The sweetest symphony: chocolate overtures at Max Brenner

A chocolate-crazed friend reported breathlessly that Max Brenner, a chocolate lover's emporium, recently opened an outpost at the Garden State Plaza in NJ....more

Whipped Chocolate Almond Frosting

This weekend I discovered a new love for yellow cake. Yep, you heard me right. Up until this weekend I had never tried yellow cake...now that I have, I don't think I can turn back....more

How to Make Chocolate Easter Egg Baskets

Are you entertaining family and friends over the Easter weekend? Do you need a quick recipe that will feed the masses, taste delicious, and even better, that the kids can make?!  ...more

Soft and Chewy Chocolate Drops