Pumpkin Eclair Cake with Chocolate Ganache Frosting

 In this Pumpkin Eclair Cake, combination of pureed pumpkin and spices with easy, no bake eclair cake recipe is a winner.>> read more...more

Chocolate Brownie Pancakes

 Do you ever have a “breakfast for dinner” night?  We sometimes do....more

Leftover Halloween Candy Pretzel Bites

Halloween Candy Pretzel BitesRecipe from The TableTo continue with the Leftover Halloween Candy series, I’ve added a recipe that is quick and easy. Well, it wasn’t so easy the first dozen times I tried it, but I’ll get to that later. These adorable little Pretzel Bites are perfect to pour into a snack bowl if you have company over. You have to be careful though: these things are so addicting, you’ll eat a dozen in the blink of an eye!...more

Godiva Me Anytime


S'more Pie

For my birthday I thought I would like something a little chocolaty and thought why not a S'more Pie. Read the full story here. ...more

(Low Fat) Chewy Chocolate, Chocolate Chip Cookies

(Low Fat) Chewy Chocolate, Chocolate Chip CookiesOh yeah, that’s right: low fat, chewy, chocolate, chocolate chip cookies.  Need I say more? ...more

The Lure of Chocolate-What is the Attraction?

I think I’m pretty easy going when it comes to my chocolate.  I like it dark; very dark (my favorite); milk; white; with nuts; with fruit; cream filled…well, you get the picture.  But what is it that attracts me (or anyone) to the chocolate or pastry?  Is it the brightly colored packaging with the beautiful bows or the intricate dusted designs on the tops of glossy chocolates?...more

Chocolate Pie Recipe



When you’re 13, summer vacation is supposed to be carefree, and Riddle Camperdown hopes to spend the summer of 1972 at her family’s Cape Cod house “sipping iced tea and eating radish and mayonnaise sandwiches, listening to birds chirp, watching the mulberries ripen, hearing the waves roll in.” But she’s not going to — Riddle’s summer is instead going to be filled with secrets, lies, and discovering just how difficult it can be to tell the truth....more

Fallen Chocolate Cake