Easy Chocolate Cake

Remember my One Minute Milo Mug Cake? Of course you do. Next to my No-Fail Chocolate Chunk Cookies, that post has the most views. Who can blame you, who can blame me? These mug cakes are fast, easy and delicious. Which is very deadly. Admit it, these mug cakes have both been a blessing and a course for you, haven't they?...more

chocolate sablés


Chocolate Makes Everything Better!

Interesting week this has been! On Monday, my husband left on a trip to Washington, DC so I have been by myself making chocolate covered Oreos! A freaky thing happened on Monday though. I had not taken a break all day so by 10pm, I was hungry. I opened a bag of salt & vinegar chips, put a few in a bowl and crawled into bed to watch tv. About three chips down and I noticed my tongue tingling and my cheek feeling kind of numb. I kept eating them and the symptoms worsened to the point that the whole left side of my face was swollen and my lip looked like I had been punched!...more

Double Chocolate Chip Cookies

This Sunday Supper's post is a very special one. You see, we have been joined by Christina Ferrare who is sharing recipes from her second cookbook, Big Bowl of Love! I am excited to be participating this week with all of the other wonderful Food Bloggers in our Sunday Supper Group, as we share recipes from Christina's cookbook and website....more

In the Beginning....There were Cake Pops!

"Blogging is Good for You"!  Really?  "Yes,it's an outlet for stress and you can share so many amazing creations with everyone!"  Well, I finally decided to give it a try despite my persistent doubt....more
Yay !!!!  Great job!  More, more, more!  more

Chocolate Peanut Butter Bars

Who needs a sugar rush???...more

The Scoop

My two-tablespoon size cookie scoop received a good workout last week. After months of hard work, I finally began tapering for World Masters Championship. I cut back on the volume of my training while keeping the intensity high. It is now time to rest so the body will be fresh on race day Sunday. Regular readers may recall that I was so tired the last few weeks that I barely had enough energy to feed myself. A side effect of tapering is that I return to my energetic self. All I wanted and all I did was bake, bake, bake!...more

Chocolate Chip Oat Cookies

 These cookies are an all time favorite at my house.  I think the blended oats is what makes them so good!  Blending the oats into a powder gives it the texture of a regular chocolate chip cookie and the taste of an oatmeal cookie.  Not much beats a chocolate chip cookie and a big glass of milk!http://www.eggallergycooking.blogspot.com/2012/05/chocolate-chip-oat-coo...  ...more

Chocolate + Coconut = Crack

Good morning, class! Would everyone please take their seats?...more
I've never really considered myself a math person, but these equations make total sense to me.more