In the Beginning....There were Cake Pops!

"Blogging is Good for You"!  Really?  "Yes,it's an outlet for stress and you can share so many amazing creations with everyone!"  Well, I finally decided to give it a try despite my persistent doubt....more
Yay !!!!  Great job!  More, more, more!  more

Chocolate Peanut Butter Bars

Who needs a sugar rush???...more

The Scoop

My two-tablespoon size cookie scoop received a good workout last week. After months of hard work, I finally began tapering for World Masters Championship. I cut back on the volume of my training while keeping the intensity high. It is now time to rest so the body will be fresh on race day Sunday. Regular readers may recall that I was so tired the last few weeks that I barely had enough energy to feed myself. A side effect of tapering is that I return to my energetic self. All I wanted and all I did was bake, bake, bake!...more

Chocolate Chip Oat Cookies

 These cookies are an all time favorite at my house.  I think the blended oats is what makes them so good!  Blending the oats into a powder gives it the texture of a regular chocolate chip cookie and the taste of an oatmeal cookie.  Not much beats a chocolate chip cookie and a big glass of milk!  ...more

Chocolate + Coconut = Crack

Good morning, class! Would everyone please take their seats?...more
I've never really considered myself a math person, but these equations make total sense to me.more

Chocolate Coconut Larabars

fter reading a great article in Eating Well Magazine  on Phthalates being absorbed into our bodies through packaged food, I have tried to limit my consumption of these types of convenience foods.  Phthalates are environmental estrogens and may contribute to risk of breast and other cancers....more
Thanks for this. Heading over to your blog to get the recipe :)more

Heavenly Chocolate Ganache

Chocolate Ganache is amazingly versatile in baking. It's indulgent taste and rich velvety texture has lots of uses. Ganache can be transformed as a glaze, poured over any cake as a frosting/ icing , truffles, piped into canapes, sauce for ice cream, filling for patisserie, topping for cookies, chocolate fondue, chocolate coating, chocolate mousse, chocolate drinks and more. Usually, Ganache is made with equal proportions of cream and chocolate. But, I use little butter that gives the ganache a desirable shiny texture. The taste of the final product depends on the chocolate used....more

Baking In My Cubicle

I recently moved from an open space set up to a cubicle at the office. The novelty factor hasn’t worn off yet and I’m still enjoying the additional privacy. However, it does get a little lonely compare to the old days when chatting with my teammates is a simple matter of cranking my neck a little to the left. Since I spend much of my waking hours at the office, it makes sense that there are certain elements of “living” that I do in my space. For example, I keep a set of toothbrush, toothpaste, and floss within easy reach....more
 @DessertByCandy I think there must have been a race to your cubicle!  more

Healthy Chocolate Mousse

Everybody loves chocolate…right?  Chocolate ranks right up there with ice cream as one of my favorite desserts.  In the last few years I have opted for dark chocolate because it has less sugar and it also contains antioxidants that are really good for you.  I don’t make desserts very often.  I guess I usually spend so much time cooking meals that dessert seems like a lot of extra work and too many dishes to hand wash :-).  It’s all too easy to go to Bruster’s occasionally to get an scoop key lime pie ice cream or nutty coconut….yum!  However, sometimes I do get...more
Thank you!  Even my husband liked it :-).more

Little chocolate rocks with crushed almonds

Looking for easy chocolate sweets you can keep in the fridge for a few days and which go well with a hot cup of tea or coffee? Well, these little chocolate rocks are a nice little treat....more