Fruit and Nut Chocolate

Fruit and Nut Chocolate is a quick and easy to make chocolate recipe that is crunchy, filled with full of rich flavors and will melt in your mouth. Its always fun to make chocolates at home and surprise your loved ones....more

Oat and Caramel Chocolate Squares

If my kids’ reaction to my baking was an indication of how good my recipes are, these would come top of my list of achievements! They disappeared quicker than a flash and were bestowed the highest praise possible!...more

Kladdkaka with a Fudge Topping

 Kladdkaka (sticky cake) is one of Sweden’s favourite desserts. They are often quite plain (but none-the-less scrummy), but this really blows the lid of any others! INGREDIENTSCake:...more

Chocolate Ganache Muffins

It was time for a treat, the first week back after Christmas. These muffins are for serious chocolate lovers and lead to huge smiles from the kids....more

Chocolate Marshmallow Fudge

The boys went out for the day so I took the opportunity to make this yummy fudge with MiMi, if we try to make it with them around then not much fudge makes it to the refrigerator! This is the easiest recipe I have but oh it is just sooooo good and it is always a winner with the kids when it comes to making it and eating it!...more

Christmas Crack

Christmas is Friday! Where has 2015 gone?  Is everyone ready? I can finally say with full certainty that I am. The last few weeks we’ve had full schedules, but everything has fallen into place nicely ...more

Cookie Dough Truffles

Truffles are my holiday go-to for neighbor and friend presents. The people I give them to all think the truffles are super fancy, when really, they only took a few minutes. A bag of assorted truffles for everyone on my gift list takes me between 1 and 2 hours each year. Back when I used to do cookie plates, I spent a lot longer just baking the cookies. Let's not even talk about the decorating!...more

Leftover Cake Truffles

 An ingenious way to use up left over cake, muffins or doughnuts. These are so simple and quick and can be used with literally any type of cake or brownie. Even better if the cake had chocolate chips in, like mine did (along with some coconut). INGREDIENTS...more

Gluten Free Copycat Chocolate Hobnobs

 Hobnobs are a British institution and one of the nation’s favourite biscuits! But I have to say that my version is not only healthier but is actually tastier, too (and that’s the family’s verdict, not mine!). You can either leave them plain or dollop a load of chocolate on top – whichever you decide, you can guarantee that these will not last five minutes in your kitchen!...more