White Chocolate, Coconut and Raspberry Roulade

WHITE CHOCOLATE, RASPBERRY AND COCONUT ROULADEWe all know that white chocolate and raspberry is one of the best flavour combinations… Well how about throw a little coconut in there and roll it all up into one big tasty log ...more

Speckled Toffee Cake

Speckled Toffee Cake...more

Chocolate Coconut Baked Oatmeal

Mornings. I love them! Or should I say, I love mornings in my apartment. Getting out the door and actually getting to the office by 8:30, that's another story. No matter how early I wake up, I can't seem to leave on time. My husband calls me Lady Dilly from the Land of Dally. What can I say, that old episode of I Love Lucy was just too good a deal to turn down. ...more

Balcony Fresh Truffles

Just like how they’d look if a pig sniffed ’em out of the earth, no?...more

Oh My Reese's Cupcakes

Oh My Reese's Cupcakes...more

Chocolate and Chinese Fivespice Cookies

Do not be put off by this weird sounding flavour combination! Seriously, give it a go, it is AWESOME! They remind me so much of Christmas, and not just because one of my little men is wearing a scarf (middle, left, cool eh.) ...more

Vanilla and Chocolate Sandwich Cookies

Soft and dense chocolate cookie, sandwiched together with creamy vanilla creme. I'm in the middle of packing for our big move at the moment so my baking is taking a bit of a back seat. Mainly because I have packed up a lot of my packing trays and moulds. That's why today it's another cookie. ...more

Chocolate-Cherry Filled Cheesecake

Chocolate Cherry-Filled Cheesecake...more


Xocolatl, the wonderful ancient drink of the Aztecs, didn't enjoy the benefit of sugar and vanilla. I tried and enjoyed the original recipe, thick with cocoa powder, bitter and spicy from having a chopped chili pepper mixed in the brew.The hot chocolate recipe was modified after it crossed the ocean, the hot pepper was removed while sugar, cinnamon, milk and vanilla were added to please the European palate. These changes accustomed us with the idea that chocolate by its very nature must be mild and sweet; nothing could be farther from the truth....more