Vanilla and Chocolate Sandwich Cookies

Soft and dense chocolate cookie, sandwiched together with creamy vanilla creme. I'm in the middle of packing for our big move at the moment so my baking is taking a bit of a back seat. Mainly because I have packed up a lot of my packing trays and moulds. That's why today it's another cookie. ...more

Chocolate-Cherry Filled Cheesecake

Chocolate Cherry-Filled Cheesecake...more


Xocolatl, the wonderful ancient drink of the Aztecs, didn't enjoy the benefit of sugar and vanilla. I tried and enjoyed the original recipe, thick with cocoa powder, bitter and spicy from having a chopped chili pepper mixed in the brew.The hot chocolate recipe was modified after it crossed the ocean, the hot pepper was removed while sugar, cinnamon, milk and vanilla were added to please the European palate. These changes accustomed us with the idea that chocolate by its very nature must be mild and sweet; nothing could be farther from the truth....more

Coffee Brownie Cookies

My second most favorite flavor to bake with ( after chocolate of course!) is coffee. Try as I might to be adventurous with my baking, I keep coming back to chocolate and coffee or mocha , which just means chocolate and coffee together. And my favorite things to bake are brownies. So this recipe kinda brings all my favorites together..chocolate, coffee and brownies! Now how could i not love it !...more

Microwave Chocolate Chip Cookies

Soft chewy or crunchy chocolate chip cookies, you can make it with microwave for one minute. As yummy as the one we bake in oven, but quicker while you don’t have time to bake or craving for cookies. ...more

Chocolate Mousse

This rich, creamy, indulgent chocolate mousse, quick, simple but delicious. Take in 20 minutes, great dessert for dinner party....more

Eggless Chocolate and Beetroot Cake

Decadent, moist and chocolaty. This cake is delicious and a fun way to get a serving of vegetables in your day. It was an exciting time at the Lewis household this weekend! Che and I had an offer on a house accepted so if all goes the way it should, we'll be moving at the start of September. ...more