Get Out Your Ice Cream Maker: Shaved Bittersweet Chocolate Ice Cream

Even with my little flock of six chickens, I can get four or five eggs a day. That's nearly three dozen eggs a week. Sure, I can make eggs for breakfast, eggs for lunch, eggs for dinner. But what better use for eggs than ice cream? Homemade ice cream!...more
get in my bellehmore

No Baking Required: Chocolate-Covered Cherry Mice

This takes chocolate-covered cherries to a whole new level of cuteness. I still can't get over how cute these chocolate candy mice are.  They are really easy to make, and always get rave reviews. Kids love them, Fun to eat and taste oh so delicious. NO BAKING REQUIRED! ...more
Those might be the cutest things, ever! I need a reason to make them...more

Peanut Butter Pie With Chocolate Ganache

Creamy peanut butter and rich, dark chocolate…my absolute favorite flavor combination....more


And so while we are on the subject of Love & Sex, and as the saying goes "The way to a man's heart is through his stomach" -- Then let's try this Sweet & Sinful Chocolate Fondue for starters. ...more

Healthy Baked Chocolate & Reese’s Oatmeal!

Being a health nut…I have been smitten by oatmeal…...more

Chocolate Chip and Oat Bars

 First I thought it was a crush…But…Then I became convinced…I am in love…So totally in love…Even though our face time has been totally conversation-less…Only filled with long, deep stares…I am most definitely in love!…with these amazing bars!!!...more

A Healthy Version of Chocolate Chip Banana Pancakes? They're Delicious Too

These chocolate chip, banana pancakes are HEAVY! Very heavy! Now by heavy, I don’t mean they make you feel heavy…they ARE healthy (kind of) … they are loaded with fiber, omega-3s, vitamin E, calcium, magnesium and copper from the almond meal and flax included in the mix… ...more
I had a blueberry bagel but this looks much better.more

Chocolate Pretzel Hugs


Chocolate Zucchini Bread

I had a dream about chocolate zucchini bread; I had to make it! My chocolate cravings are even finding me in my sleep! This is an adapted recipe from Living healthy with chocolate, the orignal recipe is here. This was exactly what I was looking for; whole ingredients, natural, gluten free!Ingredients:...more