Putting the landing gear on helicopter parents

Are you a cheerleader or a coach? When our children are little, we are their cheerleaders, praising them for their efforts to learn new skills and to try again when they don't succeed the first time....more

My unplanned pregnancy changed the relationship with my Mom

"It's the same result as the home test you took. Positive." After a long pause and a stare, the woman asked, "Do you plan to continue with the pregnancy?" I wasn't sure how to answer, I wasn't sure if I wanted to answer. I had so many questions of my own that needed answers first. My boyfriend sat in an old blue chair, his eyes shifting in all directions but mine. Finally, our eyes met like those of strangers, he shrugged his shoulders. I turned away from him and back to the woman in the scrubs. In a low whisper, I said, "Yes." My boyfriend and I drove home in silence....more

BEYOND THE MAGIC 8 BALL: How to Make Big, Life-Changing Choices

It’s seriously like pulling teeth to get me to decide on a restaurant when I go out on the weekend. Just ask my poor boyfriend – I over-analyze, I change my mind, I weigh the pros and cons, I have to visualize myself tasting the food at each restaurant (Like, you think I’m kidding, but I’m not!)…...more

How to Make Better Choices About Your Health

I don't know how to explain how much effort it takes to keep me upright and moving forward this time of year. For a girl who clearly suffers from Seasonal Affective Disorder, Washington state is a rough place to be in the winter months. I know I should probably change my story about how I fair in the winter months, and some years I do better. However, generally the winters I do well involve quite a bit of travel, and for reasons out of anyone's control, there has been no travel this winter. So, without elaborating too much, I'll just say, I'm more than a little sluggish right now. ...more

Reaching Beyond Your Limits - The 5th Practice of Mid-Life Revivification

 “It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are.” ~e.e. cummings Jeez, you ask…how much more can I do?...more
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Mom Knew Best - Liver and Onions - Ew!!!

Practice #2 Eating Naturally – not from boxes ...more

Should We Have a Baby?

Note from Lou: Since I’m doing NaBloPoMo, I’ve enlisted some help from writer-friends. I met Ali five years ago in graduate school (my second graduate program, which is another story). Anyway, I ended up quitting (she graduated), but she and I have stayed friends. The decision to have kids is one I definitely struggled with, and this is often a topic of conversation between Ali and me at our Corner Bakery lunches. I thought her story would be a great perspective for this site....more

I Missed The Have A Baby Deadline.. Now What?

Two years ago in August I went in for my first surgery relating to my cancer. During my follow up appointment, my Dr. talked to me about having kids. This wasn’t an unusual conversation for us. Earlier in the process I had to decide if I wanted to have kids, and that’s how we determined my course of treatment. What made this conversation different than the others? For the first time in months, he set out a timeline for me. Ideally I would be pregnant in two years....more
Denise thank you so much Denise! I'm happier for it.more

Saying No

“No,” she said, without any hesitation, anger, irritation, or energy about making a point. There wasn’t even an implied question mark at the end to ask if it was okay that she was saying “no,” or a trailing off as though she was regretful or might change her mind. She didn’t rationalize or justify her “no.” It was simply “no.”...more

Throwing The Baby Out With The Bath Water

Hey don't do that! There's a baby still in there! A sweet, baby who needs time to grow. Don't worry about the water that has been thrown out. There will be more water. Water that is sweeter, cleaner, and more refreshing than before, but if you throw the baby out, how will she ever experience what's to come?Please relax and think for a moment if you have ever been somewhere and everything was perfect? Where the people were all pleasant and funny? Where the program or whatever you were attending was setup exactly as you would have done? Where the air smelled sweeter?...more