Do Christians Really Believe in Eternal Life?

Realizing the title of this post might seem controversial, allow me to set this up.  I ask the question as a believing, practicing, studying Christian. I ask the question to increase my own understanding, and possibly, to encourage those so moved to contemplate this area for themselves.  I ask the question because of the attitudes and actions of so many Christians, particularly in the areas of relationships and medical treatment, which don't appear to support this belief....more

Why I'll Be Okay If My Kids Marry Outside Our Faith

 Lately, a topic swirling around my religi...more

Peace Through Christ

Today's post was inspired by a couple of things.  One was this scripture from Number 6:24 - 26 that was posted on a friend's Facebook wall....more

Interview with Dr. Jay D Roberts, author of Break the Chains

 My guest today is Dr. Jay D Roberts, MD, author of Break the Chains, a poignant, compelling memoir just released by Tate Publishing....more

I am ok being me!

“I have realized that I do not have it all together.” Is the understatement of the year!  A fellow homeschool mom declared this with comfort and ease this morning.  Once she said it, I thought to myself “You and me both”!When I started homeschooling, I realized that I did not have it all together.  When my middle son came along, I realized that I did not have it all together.  But when my twins came along, I realized that I did not have it all together AND I learned to become OK with it....more
Enjoyed this post. I think you nailed the main reason I have decided to homeschool my own ...more

Have You Lost a Child? The Pain Never Goes Away


In Which I Confess That I Suck At Being A Christian

So, I haven't exactly been a model Christian lately.Whatever the heck that even means.I could literally list of all the reasons that I might have condemned even myself to the fast track to hell just a few short years ago.Let's see, just for starters...1. I haven't been to an actual church service in months.2. I honestly have no desire to be bound to traditional church structure. 3. I told someone they didn't have to go to church to find Jesus....more
I can relate so much to you honestly.  If you have a second to read my intro on my website under ...more

On modesty and Christian culture

I’m going to open this post with a description of a scene from Mistresses.  Not too long ago an episode aired that featured a moment where Joss--one of the series' main characters--was is in an elevator along with a woman and her son.  The son--a boy of about 10--was staring. Joss was wearing one of her infamous short skirts. The mother decided to make a comment.Mother: Get a longer skirt.Joss: Get a taller child....more

Angels, Aliens & Deception

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