Sunday Devotional: Every season

We had several inches of snow here over the weekend. I could sit and watch those big snowflakes fall and flutter all day snuggled up on the couch with some hot chocolate.It’s peaceful. It’s calming....more

Dear Tired Momma of Young Ones

Dear Tired Momma of Young Ones,A few weeks ago, I had one of "those" days. You know the one. The kind of day where you seriously contemplate packing a bag and running for the hills BY Y O U R S E L F!...more

Oh Lord, how I need You

I’ve been blessed in a tremendous amount of ways during my life. One of the biggest is that I was raised in a Christian home. There wasn’t a time that I don’t remember knowing Jesus, attending church, camps, etc.I mean, my first word was Jesus (seriously)! I have always known to seek God. I have always known to bring Him my troubles. I have always known that He should be the most important thing in my life. He is all I have ever needed. ...more

I will not be a Christian Terrorist

I will not persecute my brother/sisters, then say I did it in the name of Christ.*I will love those who do not like me. It is okay. They probably love me right back. Yet, it doesn't matter whether they love me right back, Christ has taught to love them anyway.*I will not study scripture and doctrine so that I may use it against others, then justify it by saying I am doing Christ's work.*I will study scripture and doctrine to uplift them, and myself.*...more

Perfectly still...

I am trying to be still, perfectly still.  My life is going well.  Not quite how I would have designed it but I believe that God is in control.  He knows the beginning and the end.  He is the ...more
i love your opening encouraged....more

Not In My Name

This is not my usual post. I know that many of you come here for gardening tips or homeschooling support and I love that! I hope that, even though this is different it is a benefit to your spirit. I also hope that you will stick with me, regardless of your religious beliefs. Consider it a personal favor to hear me out....more

What Is Social Justice?

Social Justice is love. It is loving people right where they are and encouraging them to have a better future. Jesus neverdiscriminated against any race, religion, sexual orientation, handicap, etc. In fact, he gravitated towards the ones who were different from him. He sought them out, met them where they were, and he worked miracles....more

Get Reacquainted with the Holy Ghost TODAY

What are your impressions when you think of the Holy Ghost, or the Holy Spirit? For most people, He is relegated to just being a "force" or an energy, but often forgotten as a person. He is the third person of the Godhead - God the Father, God the Son (Jesus Christ) and God the Holy Spirit. ...more

Do You Expect Jesus to be Your Friend with Benefits?

I honestly don't really know how to open this post. I want to introduce this topic with a normal introduction, but I think I'll just skip the pleasantries and dive right in. I've been asking some hard questions about what I believe. Questions like: "WHY do I believe what I believe?" "Do I really know Jesus Christ or am I just going through the motions?" "Am I truly trusting Christ for my salvation or am I actually putting my faith in something else?" "Is Jesus enough for me?" ...more
I agree with you Sam. I just posted on my blog about really having a relationship with God who ...more

An Exclusive Excerpt of Finding Mr. Righteous

A few months ago my first book, Finding Mr. Righteous, was released on Kindle and hardcover.  A Christian-in-name-only, I dated freely in spite of my insecurities. An Atheist. A Catholic. A Quaker. A Preacher. A Jew. Some gave me the answers I yearned for, while others left me with more questions....more