Starbucks and Non-being

I made it all the way through grad school without ever drinking coffee.  Not a sip passed these lips.  Nada.  Zip.  Zilch. Zero.  I even got into a fight about it.  Really.  One of the guys I was in classes with was that super fidgety, perstery type.  Anyone who gets through grad school has to score fairly highly on the social disorder spectrum.  Except me, of course.  He was off the charts.  He couldn't accept the fact that I didn't like coffee.  At all....more
@Jane Miller Wine is part of the beautiful with a big plate of pasta!more


The Natural: The Best Baseball Movie as well as a revisitation of Augustine's Confessions

I know that if I want to write about a baseball movie right now, I should be writing about Money Ball and maybe I will, after I've seen....more

The Planter's Wife

And so we are called........Are you a planters wife?  A pastors wife? A wife deticated to standing firmly beside her husband as you venture out into the great challenge that so many others have dared to attempt and yet few have accomplished successfully.  And by success I don't mean a congregation filled with seekers and faithful believers, but success being. a marriage that is intact, blessed, better and secure in the very boat in which it originally set sail held together by Jesus alone and set straight and soley for the purpose of glorifying God in any measure....more

What Fresh Hell is This?

 Botticelli's Dante...more
Whiskey sours! more

Coming a Christian

I am a Christian, a “born again” Christian. And although I do not have a “religion,” because I refuse to be labeled by one, I do follow the teachings of Jesus Christ, from my reading of the Holy Bible, and His words I have come to believe with all my heart. But I do not preach. I leave the ministering of His Word to the preachers, the evangelists, the pastors, those at the pulpit, educated in the Word. I will, however, share my convictions with anyone who asks and wants to know about my personal relationship with Jesus Christ....more
 @GaelMc You've hit the nail right on the head: "in the most difficult mission field of all, ...more

Anonymous Atheism

I live in the Bible Belt. Good old Nebraska--Home of the Huskers football team and...not much else. We have 270 churches in my city according to the Yellow Pages. There is every flavor of Christianity a girl could ask for, and probably a few more besides.Like most people around here I was raised to be a true believer. I grew up in an off-the-beaten path sort of denomination and very sheltered as a result. I was in my senior year of high school before I knew what an f-bomb was....more
Hey - I love your post and what a great idea for a blog!  As an Interfaith Everything I am also ...more

I Didn't Like the Sistine Chapel

It’s a terrible thing for me to admit.  I have no artistic abilities.  In Grade One I failed colouring.  And my teacher was my mother’s best friend.  I took art lessons.  And I love art.  I just can’t produce any.  So it’s a sign of my terrible hubris when I say that I didn’t like the Sistine Chapel.  I planned on liking it.  I still like pictures of it.  But the great reveal moment, when you finally get to see a piece of art that you’ve seen only piecemeal reproductions before?  It didn’t do it for me....more
I guess what I didn't say was that if God's nature is love we have to be free to choose whether ...more

Reiki for Christians—and Everyone: An Interview with author Ruth Mayeux Allen, Ph.D.

Dr. Ruth Mayeux Allen is author of the just released and greatly anticipated book The Holy Spirit and the Spirit of Reiki.

The Book of Biebs: Cathleen Falsani’s Belieber! Fame, Faith, and the Heart of Justin Bieber

“Parents would do well to pay close attention to their children’s passions,” writes Cathleen Falsani in her new book on pop singing sensation Justin Bieber, Belieber! She advises: “Some indeed may be short-lived, but others are indicative of the orientation of a child’s heart and mind, a trajectory that could last a lifetime” (p. 9)....more
So it's Bieber who makes it OK for millions of teens to proclaim they believe in Jesus? That is ...more