America's First Woman Writer (The Story Behind the Photograph)

(to see the photographs that illustrate this post, click on my blog "A Rolling Crone" below:) One of the categories of antique photographs that I collect is photos of paintings, especially portraits. Photography began in 1839 with the daguerreotype process, and many Americans quickly went to a photographer’s studio carrying a painting of a deceased relative—for how else would future generations remember the face of their ancestor? ...more

Sewing With Camels

One day one of the local officials asked him, “Good Teacher, what must I do to deserve eternal life?”...more

This article hit the nail on the head! Please read as I continue my research. Best ~Eve

    So this article below, though it is more angled to express concern on the christian side, is extremely well-written. It cleary conveys the concern needed about women and their lack of power in religious order and decisions. If more women like Ms. Serene Jones existed, women would surely make a more powerful impact on the world's religions. Here's to hoping that will happen. Read her article posted by the huffington post here....more

What To Do When You Feel Defeated

'Im so poor I can't even pay attention.' Ron Kittle, a former steelworker who made his major league Baseball debut at nearly 25 years old...more

An Ash Wednesday Challenge

Ash Wednesday marks the beginning of the church’s season of Lent. It is a time devoted to penance, reflection, and fasting. Traditionally, the ashes for the Ash Wednesday service come from burning the palm fronds from the previous year’s Palm Sunday celebration. As we begin Lent, we commemorate Jesus’ retreat into the wilderness where he fasted for forty days to prepare for his ministry. It was for him a time of contemplation, reflection, and preparation....more

I *heart* Facebook

I love Facebook. I love finding old friends, catching up, and seeing pictures of their cute kids.  I like how easy it is to keep in touch, or simply check in on a friend.  It makes relationship maintenance really easy!I know that Facebook doesn’t make for the deepest of relationships,  but it is a fun way to stay connected beyond the Christmas card. The problem is when I love it too much…...more

Meet me under the Eiffel Tower. -A sisters reunion.

I met my sister under the Eiffel  Tower....more

Does God Expect Perfection?

    God's grace comes in many shapes, sizes,colors, times, places, and people. God’s grace fills the room with compassion for the one nobody else will talk to. His grace walks through the door straight over to the woman who feels judged by other women in the church....more