Birth Control: Alternatives to The Pill

Almost three years ago I watched my first Mark Driscoll sermon, called Birth Control. At the time I was single, with no prospective love interest, and had no intention of requiring birth control for a long long time. Three years later: I'm married, and this sermon has truly impacted my life. ...more

Happy (?) Mother's Day

There is probably no day on the calendar that is more bittersweet for infertile women than Mother's Day......more

It's Not Fair

We've all heard some little kid screaming his through clenched teeth and a salty, tear-stained face at some point or another...whether at a grocery store when his mother puts the box of Cocoa Puffs back on the shelf or at Target when her dad shakes his head "no" to the latest (and greatest) Disney princess doll.  Even if they're being loud and obnoxious in their cries for "justice" (surely they deserve that new Wii game, right?!) we let it slide.  After all, they're just kids....more

Christmas and Catamenial Epilepsy

UPDATE (7/28/11): W has been on high doses of progesterone to counter-act and balance the violent hormonal changes that would cause her seizures.  She has gone from having grand mal, painful, screaming seizures where she lost consciousness to a mere finger twitch.  It's truly been a miracle to watch her transformation from fear to regained confidence....more

Charmed City

The spirituality in New Orleans is tangible.  You can literally reach out and touch the prayers and wishes and curses.  What's your persuasion?  Christian? Pagan? Voodoo?  Santeria?  Jewish? You won't have to look very far to find others who share your own beliefs and aren't afraid to invite you into their fellowship.I try to describe to people how the atmosphere in New Orleans is different, but I don't think you can truly understand until you are in the thick soup of prayer.  Being one of the oldest cities in America means that New Orleans has been the birthplace of many a call out to the Glorious Universe, and being one of the most spiritually diverse cities that I have come into contact, makes it feel as though all these prayers and passion are fighting with each other.  It ...more

Living In The Present

As a Christian woman, I am taught to put my hope in the Lord. Not only limited to my salvation, this hope encompasses the entirety of my life - relationships, education, friendship....more

Thoughts on John 14:6

 In my blogging travels today, I came across a  refreshing post that spoke of the exclusivity of Christ.   It instantly reminded me of  what Jesus said on that very subject - a verse with which many are familiar.  Have you ever considered what that verse is really saying?  ...more

Post-Rapture Pet Care: World Ends Saturday! Who'll Feed the Dog?

It's a Saturday Night Live skit waiting to happen, right? Eternal Earth-Bound Pets: A service that promises to care for your pet after you have ascended to heaven to join The Almighty. Like the company's co-founder, Bart Centre, I laughed at first. Surely, this can't be for real. But after speaking with Bart, and a few close friends who believe in the Rapture, I stopped laughing and started thinking....more

Not sure why this scheduled Doomsday is getting more attention and belief than all the others ...more

Before I Jump In

My fingers fly over the keys. I answer emails. I check blogs. My mind twists itself around the number of hits on my blog. I recall prayer requests from my network friends and I know I need to get an update. It’s been too long since we spoke. Steam rises from my cup of coffee and dissipates into the cool air. The sunlight slants across the wall of the house next door. The day begins with or without my permission....more

Trust and Obedience

 Why do we over-complicate the spiritual life when what God wants from us can be summarized in one word: obedience? Obedience to God is the key to the Christian life. We can read books and articles published by religious scholars and not gain as much illumination into the things of the Lord as we would if we would simply obey the Holy Spirit. These verses come to mind: Ecc 12:12 And further, by these, my son, be admonished: of making many books there is no end; and much study is a weariness of the flesh. ...more