Even Me? How Speaking Out as an Ally has Affirmed my Faith.

On an August afternoon last fall, I sat in front of my computer screen with tears streaming down my face.  Maybe you did as well.  For plastered all over my Facebook wall were photos of so many proudly eating a chicken sandwich in the name of American values, many in the name of Jesus.I'm guessing you saw them, too.Sure, you can say this was a free speech issue, but somehow I don't remember this same general population organizing a Dixie Chicks Appreciation Day after the always vocal country music group also had exercised their free speech....more

Faith Deployed...Again (Book Review)

Faith Deployed... Again by Jocelyn Green...more

Why I Can't Leave God

I try to on a regular basis, leave God that is. But just as a child packing his stuffed animals and running away from home, I only make it so far before I come right back. Am I happy about this? Not entirely.  I'd rather stand in my convictions that God isn't interested in my messed up life and my prayers just fall on deaf ears, since that is exactly how life feels right now, but then there is a moment of fear that has me saying things like "I rebuke that in the name of Jesus" and I believe it, whole-heartidly. ...more

On Finding Jesus Outside the Church

(Written in response to RHE's Why Millennials are leaving the church on CNN's Belief Blog.)...more

On modesty and Christian culture

I’m going to open this post with a description of a scene from Mistresses.  Not too long ago an episode aired that featured a moment where Joss--one of the series' main characters--was is in an elevator along with a woman and her son.  The son--a boy of about 10--was staring. Joss was wearing one of her infamous short skirts. The mother decided to make a comment.Mother: Get a longer skirt.Joss: Get a taller child....more

Is Jesus Really Odin or Balder? A historical theory

Yesterday an intriguing archaeological report appeared on my facebook wall.  My initial reaction was both interest and a bit of disgust.  The report does, after all, refer to the native Norweigan religion as a "cult" and Norweigan religous iconography as "idols," judgemental terms at best.  The report describes a recent discovery of an intentionally preserved Norweigan temple used in the 5th through 11th centuries which is we...more
Excellent article, Laurelarockefeller, I previously found out the church told Viking era ...more

Marriage Equality–It is time.

Listen, I’m not sure about the title of this post.  I know that I was just thinking, it is about time I stop being a coward and write the post that has been rattling around in my head for more than a year now.  So, it is not that I believe it is time now, because it is really way past time.The same goes for marriage equality in general.  We are long over due....more

To be Anything at All

Still playing catch-up from my blog posts on Australia...originally posted February 22 at www.catchcolorjustice.com ...more

Those three things

 I visited a friend in the hospital today.  He seemed to be doing well and he was, understandably, introspective.   He has been facing a very serious illness and you could tell that his thoughts had wandered to the "what if" region that most of us spend enormous amounts of energy actively preventing our minds from examining. ...more
Isn't it amazing what God does to knock over our barriers and our challenge our faith, and ...more