Resurrection Sunday - apart but of one heart.

Happy Easter!  Thank you Jesus!  The miracle of your love and grace is something I pray I never forget.  Today was a blessing.  I got to hear Your word and sing Your praises in the morning.  I got to take a neighbor with a slightly broken heart out for lunch.  My children got to spend the day with their dad.  I pray they were able to share a bit of the Truth with him in their own sweet ways.  I got to watch a movie at home in peace.  I got a sweet picture sent to me from the man I have loved for nearly 10 years.  It was a quiet day but ...more

What Does Resurrection Look Like?

Sunday's on the Way by Carmen

Ok, this post is going to show my age some, gasp, I’m no spring chicken! I began listening to Christian music back in the early ‘80s, yes the 1980’s!...more

When We Have Crippled Ourselves with Absolutes

 "If you understand it, then it is not God."  - St. Augustine When I was a child, I made messes, as children do.  And, as parents do, mine would ask me to clean my room.  I would begin, not by tidying but by enlarging the current mess.  This perplexed and frustrated my parents, and I in turn would also feel frustrated, because they could not see, could not embrace my process. ...more

Meet Manira - My World Vision Thoughts

I sponsor a child through World Vision.  Her name is Manira, and I love her.She lives with her parents, her brother, and her sister in a French speaking country in Africa (Score:  I can write to her in French!), and I’ve been sponsoring her for 5 years....more

Where I've Been: Why I'm Abandoning NaBloPoMo.

I am a writer.I’m a writer because I write.But it has occurred to me lately that I should occasionally ask myself why I write…To put it incredibly simplistically, I write because I don’t tend to know what I think until I’ve written it.It makes me wonder then — why do I feel like I need to write every day, if I don’t have anything of value to say?  Why do I just spew words for the sake of spewing words?  Why?  Is there value in self-reflection?  I would argue that there is....more

Falling into place or pieces?

It has been a whirl wind in my head these last few weeks.  But I think it is starting to settle down.  I have gone from being elated and convinced a reconcilliation was immanent to nope he will never forgive me enough to love me again.  Luckily my brain has calmed down a bit.  I should say the Lord has calmed me down and given me some peace about the whole thing.  I read exodus 14:14 The Lord Himself will fight for you....more

Can God be using my divorce to save my marriage? Is that even possible?

I have had a thought, one that kind of even makes me nervous to have thought it.  I wondered to myself, could God have used my divorce to save my marriage?  I know even saying it makes me cringe because He would never have wanted or encouraged a divorce.  I guess more of what I mean is what if He knew the divorce was inevitable (because of our hard heartedness and disobedience) and he saw down the line an opportunity for what might be happening now.  Of course He is omnipotent and can do anything He wants but really?  I looked at Romans 8:28 and it says th...more

A change for the better part 2

I was scared, afraid & petrified but I went.  Before I went, I prayed that God would help me say what needed to be said and to keep quiet when it was appropriate.  I asked Him to help me listen without being able to be upset unnecessarily.  I asked him to help me not cause him any harm or trigger any of his addictions by what I might say or do.  We met at a store I love to visit and we hugged briefly.  He looked good.  A little heavier than the last time I had seen him so I felt better about my new curves.  It is so weird for me ...more