5 Best Cleveland Hotels For Business Travellers

Image via Flickr by spatulated...more

10 Things You Need to Learn About Cleveland Before the 2016 Republican National Convention

Forget everything you've heard or read since the GOP announced Cleveland, Ohio as the host city for its 2016 Republican National Convention. As an Atlantic seaboard snob who has now lived longer in Cleveland than anywhere else (26-plus years), and couldn't be happier about it, here's where you need to start your online education about Cleveland - and then share it. ...more

TRAVEL: Photos of Fabulous Food (and Shopping) in Cleveland, OH

I can’t even begin to tell you about Cleveland’s a-w-e-s-o-m-e food scene. If West Side Market’s ethnic and fresh food scene is any indication of its excellent food quality, then you’ll be drooling over the delicious dishes shown here....more

TRAVEL to Cleveland’s Famous West Side Market

Museums are fun, but sometimes you need a little variety when traveling. On our last official day, we decided to take a morning stroll to Cleveland’s oldest indoor and outdoor public market, West Side Market. But it wasn’t always called the West Side Market; it had a different name back the mid-1800s to early 1900s. Two former businessmen, Josiah Barner and Richard Lord, donated land to open this famous market back in 1840....more

TRAVEL: Cleveland Museum of Art

What do families who live in the Midwest and on the east coast do when they want to meet but don’t want to sacrifice ten hours in the car to visit one another? You try to meet in the middle. For us, that meant visiting Cleveland, Ohio.Cleveland? What can you do in Cleveland?Prior to our trip, we hadn’t spent much time researching about Cleveland, but a friend who now calls Cleveland home recommended a long list of things to do and places to eat.What was on the top of her list? The Cleveland Museum of Art....more

Two Transgender Women Murdered in Cleveland Last Week

Last week, Cleveland witnessed two brutal murders - seemingly unrelated - of two transgender women.Betty Janet Skinner was 52, disabled and living with assisted care in her own apartment. Her home health care worker found her in the morning with severe head injuries.  ...more

Halloween in July? You Betcha!

A Cleveland Runner's Tips on Staying Safe While Running Outdoors

As I'm sure most of you know by now, my fair city of Cleveland has been in the news lately after the discovery of three missing women who have spent the past ten years in captivity....more

An Apple, Chocolate And A Day Filled With Shopping...

Well, I got my sick computer fixed!  And it didn't even have to stay over night (Yay!).  Caitlin and I went down to the Apple Store around noon on Tuesday and when we walked up to the door there was hardly anyone there.  What sorta luck was that?!  I mean, have you ever BEEN to an Apple Store?  They are ALWAYS packed with people.  And quite frankly, that fact alone should have been a clue that something was wrong.  ...more

Day One In Cleveland Was Packed Full Of Activity!

Robby and I woke up early (4 a.m.) to head to the Chicago airport heading for Cleveland on Saturday.  That had been two days this week we had been up at extreme hours of the morning.  But today was different...I would be seeing my daughter in her new home for the first time; I was pretty excited! ...more