Oh, Goody

Here’s a little something everyone should know: climate change is real, manmade, sucks, and going to suck even harder in the coming decade. Seriously, the only people still doubting it are the asshats running the Petroleum Industries, the twatwaffles on Faux News who parrot whatever the asshats tell them to say, and the people still mistaking Faux News for actual information....more

Save The .... Tennis Players??

Who is your favourite for the Australian Open this week? Williams? Azarenka? Nadal? Djokovic? Enjoy them while they last. --Better yet, implore them to stop playing. Before real tragedies happen. Photo by Vladsinger. ...more

We Need GOOD News on Climate Change

Tired of all the relentlessly grim news about climate change? - So am I. But the truth is that it's not all gloom and doom. ...more

The Warmest Day of Your Life - So Far

Okay, try this with me: Bring up the memory of the hottest day in your life. Picture it: Where were you that day? What were you doing? Who was with you? How did you cope with the heat? I'll start. ...more

Wake Up: Garbage Trucks Ready to Dump on Your Lawn

It's a fine, sunny morning in the fall, with just that nip in the air that says summer is really over. You take a deep breath, savour the freshness of the air. At breakfast, you open the paper. The front page headline says that garbage trucks are poised to dump their load onto every lawn in your town. ...more

Mother Nature: The Omnipotent

Click here to read an original op-ed from the TED speaker who inspired this post....more

Rescuing The Garlic

Eulalia Benejam Cobb (Lali)Blog:  MyGreenVermont.comWebsite:  www.LaliGallery.comPlease believe me when I say that I am trying hard not to write constantly about the weather.  In my last post, which was about the Pope and women's issues, I don't believe I mentioned the weather once. ...more

Red, White, & Waterless

PARK CITY, UTAH -- Over July 4th, I was hiking in the breathtaking mountains of Park City, clipping along at a steady pace at 8,000-plus feet with the Blind Melon song "No Rain" providing musical backup. I came upon a near-empty snowmaking reservoir that is usually full at this time of year. Realizing I never paid much attention to the lyrics since the song's hook is so unique, I suddenly thought, "No rain, indeed." The small puddle in the center of this receptacle won't provide much fuel for snowmaking unless the rains come a lot more frequently, and for long showers. ...more

Barbara Kingsolver's Flight Behavior, a Small Town Tale of Global Warming & Climate Change

Climate Change. Global Warming. Whatever title you give “it,” we don’t talk about “it” at dinner parties, not in the same way we discuss things which happen at our child’s school, the latest movie or episode of Mad Men or where we’re going on vacation this year....more

An "Epic" Film About Environmental Concerns

What really goes on in a forest? And why should we care? Is a forest just a bunch of creepy vines, trees too tall to climb, and annoying insects that bite and sting? Or is it a place where Nature works the magic the Earth needs every day to keep our world going strong?...more
biggreenpurse Thanks for the RT. Hope the EPIC campaign is going well!more