Outfits of the Week!

   As a mom it is really hard to get out of the gym clothes funk.  One of the biggest reasons I love going to the gym is to bring my kids to the children's gym for two hours.  I get "me" time and they get "play" time with other children.  The best days for me to put on a wire bra is when there is an important mission to be done that day.  Important mission include but are not limited to birthday parties, baby showers, weddings, or maybe lunch... Maybe.... Other than that I prefer work out pants.  Heck!...more

My daughter changes every hour...

       I love fashion, clothes, make-up, and shoes! I admit it! Who doesn't? I know that I can be quite a headache for my husband when it comes to closet space.  But that is not the point, we all have our poison... Clothes, shoes, and accessories are mine....more

Pretty Awesome

"Do I look pretty?""Yes, you look pretty. So, so pretty."Here I am with another 3-year old going through that "Pink Phase." This time around, however, I've given in to the pink. I've surrendered.I'm encouraging it, even....more



Polka Dots


Spring Wish List

The weather is being funny in Genoa. If the sun is out it's boiling hot, suntanning weather but if it's hidden by the clouds its freeeezing. This is my wish list for this season!Read More...Follow Me:...more

Imaginary Shopping Trip #2

Friday Faves: Alta moda

So if you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you've seen a million pictures of the amazing things I have from Alta moda....more