Green It- Air-Dry Your Laundry

Remember the days when our mothers and grandmothers pinned up the laundry on the clothesline outside? Ours was a reel line that spanned the yard and went from the patio to the nearby wooden phone pole....more

Marks and Me: The One Where I Accept That I'll Never Be A Yummy Mummy

I am finally resigned to my fate. After years of fighting it – of squeezing myself into clothes that were the wrong shape, shoes that were the wrong fit, and underwear that was just too darn small – I have accepted that my natural match on the high street is, in fact, M&S....more
@victorias_view Well, true enough... it'd be a pain to be pampered constantly (Although I could ...more

Forever Fabulous

I bought a new shirt this week. I loved the way it made me feel in the dressing room. I love the style of the shirt. I love the material. As I stood there in the dressing room I felt cute. Maybe even a little sleek. In a word I felt fabulous. I bought it....more

yes, being beautiful comes within us, its our confidence in our self that makes us stand out.more

What Would Gloria Steinem Wear to a Writers' Retreat?

I wrote my packing list for my two-week writers' residency a month before I was set to leave. The residency at Hedgebrook is only for women and since I am a mother of two boys, I was somewhat unnaturally excited about being around all that female energy for a change. I was going to Hedgebrook with the express purpose of finishing the chapter outline for my new memoir, but it was time alone and with the other women that occupied all of my thoughts. ...more

Bargain Shopping...What a Thrill!

Why do I get that overwhelming urge to visit my favorite discount clothier, TJ Maxx, or my fave resale shop, Clothes Mentor? I’ve literally had to fight myself, in my mind of course, not to go shopping for the last couple of months. But why is that fight so hard? Why do I NEED to go shopping? I have tons of nice clothes, shoes, and accessories right now. Well, maybe it’s not a need, but more of a challenge. I love getting a great deal. It’s such a rush to find that high quality, super expensive item for mere pennies on the dollar....more

I'm loving the $2 tanks we bought today. A couple for me, a couple for TW, a couple for RJ, a ...more

Let's go shopping

Today we are going to talk about that thing that most women have a love hate relationship with. The thing that creates both excitement and despair. Shopping....more

Vintage Barbie Was a Vamp

My Vintage Barbie was far more Liz Taylor than Sandra Dee.  She could melt a man (made of plastic or not) with her seductive, heavy-lidded gaze.  You could have spotted her posed at the bar of the Ritz, a cool Singapore Sling cocktail in her manicured hand.  She would have never set a perfectly pedicured and stillettoed foot in a pastel pink soda shop or plastic McDonald's.   Her clothes were sophisticated but sultry, far from revealing yet clearly to mature for your average teenager.  She was, in fact, a respectable 22 years old when my mother ceremoniously passed her into my small and eager hands.  A mature college graduate with a Jackie Kennedy bouffant instead of a perky, pony-tailed  and overly-endowed high school honey. ...more

What the heck is an OOTD post?

In my head I'm a total babe. I've got perfectly coiffed hair, my clothes are sans cat hair and bits of child-food, and my smile is big and shiny white. Oh, and I'm also toned, buff, and a perfectly healthy weight. Then, every once in a while, I get a good look at myself in the mirror, and yeah, I still rock, but that perfect hair is really a ratty pony-tail and the yoga pants look like they are made of cat hair.Ick....more

I Get What I Want

      No more hassles, trying clothes on the virtual way: 49 sec. ...more