Baby ducks' disease

Musings of a second-time MumBaby ducks' disease...more

Clothes, Clothes and more Clothes

Like I said “I’m a hoarder.” There is pretty much nothing more to say. I’ve come to many conclusions upon how and why I turned out this way but that still doesn’t help me get this stuff out of my house.I WILL KEEP WHAT I CAN FIT UNLESS…                I am trying on all the clothes that I think I want to keep. You know.. the expensive suit that I bought five (OK ten) years ago, the tight pants that made my butt look great and of course that low cut blouse I can’t wear to church....more

Adorable Outfits!

Just throwing this out there for opinions. I own - and I don't know what to do with it! The domain is fairly premium, so I think I may hang onto it unless someone wants to give me a millionbilliondollars to take it off my hands, but what should I use it for? Women's clothing? Children's clothing? Pet clothing? Something else?Hmm. ...more

10 Steps to Starting a Fashion Blog

One of the most covered topics in the blogging world is fashion. These days, it seems that almost anyone who has even the slightest bit of interest in fashion has made up a website. Girls as young as 12 are actually running their own fashion blogs. Bloggers have actually become front row material and are sitting next to fashion giants in the front row at the biggest fashion shows. ...more

Society's View of Women And body Image

If your like me and your under 5' then you sure know that finding clothing to fit you properly without visiting a seamstress for every article of clothing to be fixed. This is why I gravitate towards makeup to avoid trying on clothing for hours just to find one shirt to fit my 4'11" body. Now I'm not disproportioned but I'm short in statue and not a size 0, more like a 12-14 depending on the pants....more

How to Dress for a Rock Show

Wow my life has been a whirlwind of music venues lately and guess what, it is not stopping in the near future....more

5 Most Versatile Items in my Spring Wardrobe

Skimming through fashion blogs and magazines has one negative outcome – it makes me rush for shopping. To avoid creating a gaping hole in the family budget, I stop, take a deep breath, and plunge into my closet. And once again, I surface with hands full of treasures. It turns out I have heaps of nice things to wear – some basic, some not, and all extremely versatile. I think I’m going to wear these quite often this spring:...more

Ways to Add a Unique Spin to School Uniforms without Breaking the Rules

School uniforms are a controversial subject among parents. Some parents like them because it reduces the hassle of choosing what to wear and what clothes to buy for school. Some parents dislike them because they can mean extra expenses beyond regular street clothes and also they can often add up to extra laundry. Kids on the other hand, usually completely dislike the idea of uniforms because they are not the most fashion forward garments and they can inhibit individuality....more