How to Dress for a Rock Show

Wow my life has been a whirlwind of music venues lately and guess what, it is not stopping in the near future....more

5 Most Versatile Items in my Spring Wardrobe

Skimming through fashion blogs and magazines has one negative outcome – it makes me rush for shopping. To avoid creating a gaping hole in the family budget, I stop, take a deep breath, and plunge into my closet. And once again, I surface with hands full of treasures. It turns out I have heaps of nice things to wear – some basic, some not, and all extremely versatile. I think I’m going to wear these quite often this spring:...more

Ways to Add a Unique Spin to School Uniforms without Breaking the Rules

School uniforms are a controversial subject among parents. Some parents like them because it reduces the hassle of choosing what to wear and what clothes to buy for school. Some parents dislike them because they can mean extra expenses beyond regular street clothes and also they can often add up to extra laundry. Kids on the other hand, usually completely dislike the idea of uniforms because they are not the most fashion forward garments and they can inhibit individuality....more

My Ridiculous Husband Now Thinks He's My Wardrobe Stylist

Dear Mouthy Housewives,My otherwise wonderful husband recently started doing something very annoying. For no apparent reason, he started giving me fashion advice! I'm a stay-at-home mom. My wardrobe consists mostly of jeans and yoga pants. He keeps suggesting skirts and dresses. It makes me uncomfortable. I'm an adult and know what I like to wear, but he insists.Do you think there's something else going on with him? How do I get him to stop? He's driving me crazy.Signed,Casual Mom...more
I think communication is the key, here. Sit him down and ask him why, straight out. Tell him you ...more

Why Your Clothes Aren’t Fitting Your Style

Women everywhere stand in front of their closets every morning and think, “I have nothing to wear,” even if they have a closet full of clothes. Women struggle with so many self-esteem issues every day, comparing themselves to the celebrities that they see on TV that it is easy to understand why they may not feel confident in the clothes that they have on. ...more

Bouncing Along

For those of you following the perils of Pauline, er, my blog, you know all about falling on my hip.If you loved the story once, you’ll love it twice. Yes, I did it again....more

Am I a Disposable Clothing Addict?

I work in the health care industry and I work every Sunday.  I have to be to work by 7am so I get to drive through my quiet city and listen to the radio at 6am.  There is a radio program that I listen to during the drive.  I found the program last Sunday to be quite interesting.  It was all about how the trend in the United States is to buy cheaply made clothes at cheaper prices.  People are not buying well made clothes that will last several years.  This is due to the fastly changing styles and trends in clothing.  People also want to buy cheaper clothing...more

Transitional weather

If there is anything worse than transitional weather, it has got to be transitional weather when you are moving between two houses....more

How To Wear The Cropped Pant

Recently, one of my clients popped in to show me her new acquisition; a pair of gorgeous new cropped trousers from Sportscraft.She’s quite tall, so to be sure they looked just as gorgeous when worn, Iasked to see them on her.Argh!They were WAY TOO SHORT! A cropped pant should NEVER finish at your calf.Why? ...more