The Missing Piece In Your “Free Session” Offer

Many of us have been taught in our coach training to offer a free initial consultation to potential clients.The assumption is that it’s “free” so people will bite.But reality turns out to be different… Taking you up on a free session is not the same as picking up a free cheese sample at Whole Foods....more

3 Marketing Strategies for Deep Transformational Work

If you’re like many of my super intuitive clients who deliver results that are more experiential than “intellectual” (you know who you are!)…...more

Putting the landing gear on helicopter parents

Are you a cheerleader or a coach? When our children are little, we are their cheerleaders, praising them for their efforts to learn new skills and to try again when they don't succeed the first time....more

Monday Morning Inspiration

CLICK HERE to view my very first vlog. ...more

The Moon and the Stars

Wow!  I am at a loss for words when I look at the moon and all it’s surfaces through a powerful telescope.  My husband and I took a token camping trip to Fremont Peak State Park about 90 minutes from here last year.  Fortune smiled on us and we got a camping site with a view of the Salinas Valley.  Fortune again smiled on us with an astronomy event at the volunteer observatory.  For the first time I looked through a powerful telescope at the moon, planets, and anything heavenly.  I ...more

Forgive and Forget

I sat in the corner of my hotel room reflecting on my now legal status of “divorced.” I never thought this would happen to me. My parents had been married over 50 years, so I had good role models. What happened? What’s wrong with me? These are questions that I asked myself over and over again. Why? Because I thought I was the “bad guy.”...more

Copycat, Copycat

I'm not sure who learns more when I'm coaching a client - me or my client.  Perhaps it's how a teacher feels when a genius kid shows up in their classroom and starts to school them. Either that or they mix up a stiff vodka cranberry, eat the ends of their pencils and curse their fate, I'm not sure....more

Where do you Find Your Inspiration

While visiting my aunt (she has a great sense of humor) in Arizona, my husband and I decided to take her to see the movie “Million Dollar Arm.” It’s a movie about overcoming all odds. I’m so glad we didn’t have to talk that hard to get her to see this inspirational movie. She even let us pay for her ticket, LOL. She rarely gets to movies even though she enjoys them. I find inspiration in so many movies, books, TV shows, and life....more

Heroes Through Courageous Acts

Wow! I’m impressed! As I continue to hear my friend’s story my thoughts turn to OMG, then outrage, and then compassion. Her story weaves and turns like the good storyteller that she is. In the story she shares a piece of her life that encompasses the seductiveness of power, the climax, and the heroine walking away scarred, yet intact....more