The Moon and the Stars

Wow!  I am at a loss for words when I look at the moon and all it’s surfaces through a powerful telescope.  My husband and I took a token camping trip to Fremont Peak State Park about 90 minutes from here last year.  Fortune smiled on us and we got a camping site with a view of the Salinas Valley.  Fortune again smiled on us with an astronomy event at the volunteer observatory.  For the first time I looked through a powerful telescope at the moon, planets, and anything heavenly.  I ...more

Are You Living With a Stranger

Forgive and Forget

I sat in the corner of my hotel room reflecting on my now legal status of “divorced.” I never thought this would happen to me. My parents had been married over 50 years, so I had good role models. What happened? What’s wrong with me? These are questions that I asked myself over and over again. Why? Because I thought I was the “bad guy.”...more

Copycat, Copycat

I'm not sure who learns more when I'm coaching a client - me or my client.  Perhaps it's how a teacher feels when a genius kid shows up in their classroom and starts to school them. Either that or they mix up a stiff vodka cranberry, eat the ends of their pencils and curse their fate, I'm not sure....more

Where do you Find Your Inspiration

While visiting my aunt (she has a great sense of humor) in Arizona, my husband and I decided to take her to see the movie “Million Dollar Arm.” It’s a movie about overcoming all odds. I’m so glad we didn’t have to talk that hard to get her to see this inspirational movie. She even let us pay for her ticket, LOL. She rarely gets to movies even though she enjoys them. I find inspiration in so many movies, books, TV shows, and life....more

Heroes Through Courageous Acts

Wow! I’m impressed! As I continue to hear my friend’s story my thoughts turn to OMG, then outrage, and then compassion. Her story weaves and turns like the good storyteller that she is. In the story she shares a piece of her life that encompasses the seductiveness of power, the climax, and the heroine walking away scarred, yet intact....more

The Coach's Kid Hates Baseball

Two weeks ago, my son started tee ball for the first time. I don't know which of us were more excited. He wore his mitt around the house for days beforehand, slapping a baseball in and out of it, telling people he's now a "real baseball player". I was excited to see him play his first sport! It was the sweet part of what most of us refer to as bitter-sweet as we watch them grow up. Seeing one of my kids so proud of themselves as they accomplish or learn something new is pretty incredible, and I could tell this would be one of those things....more

Inspired & Unstoppable: 3 Practices to Succeed Wildly in Your Life’s Work

As a young woman I denied my calling, the life that called my name, and I achieved worldly “success.” I ignored my desire to write, considered it fanciful. Instead, I graduated Harvard Law School with honors. I stomped around in designer suits on partnership track in a swanky law firm. But the higher I climbed, the sadder I felt. My ambition couldn’t replace inspiration. You don’t get to choose your true wild desire or the life that calls you. You only get to choose whether or not you will listen. And that choice makes all the difference in your life and the world. ...more
@Elaine Griffin And so it is! Thanks for sharing, Elaine!more


How well do we accept coaching? Are we receptive to teaching moments? Without judgment. Without the internal voice speaking over the one teaching.This is where my report card would read ‘Needs improvement.’ By some miracle, D and I have been able to pass this lesson on to the kids with some success. We totally planned it that way.Maybe.Or not.Whatever, I’ll take it....more

How to "manage" being a Manager/Supervisor

Most of us realize the relationship we have with our manager/supervisor directly correlates to how happy we are at our job.  More often than not, we fear, dislike or choose not to associate with our superiors to avoid any conflict or negative feedback. There has been a small wave of change from the baby boomers management style to Generation X to the most recent-Generation Y, also known as the Millennial Generation.  The attitudes are different, the work ethic is not the same and the concepts applied are varied.  As a lead...more