The fearless seafarer

Cross-posted from UN Women She was brought up by a single mother in rural Jamaica, in a family of modest means. Today she is the Commanding Officer of Jamaica’s Coast Guard, the first woman to attain the prestigious position in the island state, as well as the entire Caribbean region. Commander Antonette Wemyss-Gorman learned early in life never to accept ‘no’ for an answer. Her mantra: “I can do that!” ...more

I Learn By Going Where I Have To Go

Do you know about the Canadian Coast Guard? It’s a huge part of my family. My father worked there for almost 40 years. My sister has worked there for about 5 years. My uncle works there, and I’m sure one of his kids will decide to join him. My grandfather didn’t work for the Coast Guard, but he worked in nautical/sea-related stuff for his entire career, too....more

My Poor hubby

 Last night on the phone the Sailor was a little bummed out. He rarely gets that way, or if he does he rarely expresses it, so it makes my ears stand up when he does. The jist is that he works where he lives, with a teeny, tiny rack being his only sacred space. He has no privacy and lacks the freedoms we take for granted at home ex: watching whatever you want on TV, or cruising the internet when you're bored, or making food at night when you're hungry. And he's been living this way for 18 months so far, with very little time away....more

British Petroleum Apparently Owns American Beaches, and you thought America was a Sovereign Nation

Its bad enough that British Petroleum’s CEO said his massive, endless gushing spill was only a tiny blip in a huge ocean…...more

I have no words.

Great write-up--thank you.