A Lovely New Coffee: Review

Morning Coffee

I find myself waking up in the morning and feeling like I never even went to sleep. I walk into the kitchen to immediately start the coffee maker and I hear this little voice from the next room, "Hi Mom". Half asleep I reply, "Hi darling". My daughter says "Eggs, Mom". I look at the coffee maker and wonder, could this thing move any faster. As I pour myself my first cup of the day, I hear on the monitor my other daughter crying and ready to get out of her crib. I set my coffee down and proceed to go get her....more

Nov 21 - NO TOUCHY

das coffee potOr I will breaky das fingers!Zu recht?  Zu recht!DankeAuf Wiedersehen*Inspired by today's NaBloPoMo Prompt: What is the one appliance you can't live without?...more

NaBloPoMo day 12: crazy cats, sleep gadgets & MOAR. COFFEE.

at this rate, my time will come probably at some point next week. i have never looked forward to anything more in my life. ever. goodbye, cruel, sleep-stealing world!...more

Saturday Humor....

What's your vice?  I have one and I'm not afraid to share it.  ;)http://robinlk.com/2014/11/08/addiction-or-vice-a-confession/~ Robin...more

The Keurig 2.0 Is An Environmental Disaster

(Note - this is the most popular post in the 9 year history of my blog. I received a lot of flack from product reviewers for not appreciating the freebie. So I wrote a follow up post detailing why a product review is not a freebie at all.)...more
Whatever happened to the simple French press, that's what we use in our house, it makes the best ...more

Some days you have it, some days you don't -

“It’s nice to be wanted. To be longed for, at that …” OK. Wait. Sorry Daily Prompt, but I simply can’t adhere to today’s theme and write a post as if my coffee cup was the one doing the writing/talking. I can’t … my mind isn’t working right this morning. You know how some days you have it and some days you don’t?...more

Dear Coffee Cup, Thank you for never talking back ...

“Thank you.”...more

My Imaginary Coffee Shop #NaBloPoMo

Today, I did something B-A-N-A-N-A-S! Well, bananas to me, that is.  You see, I'm a free spirit, I like to be boundless, creative, and open {Did you just say that's what she said? If so then… you're my best friend--HIGH FIVE!}, BUT even I know structure is needed, and it can be good. Ergo,  I have made the decision to put a little structure in my blogging world, and made the commitment by placing my blog on the NaBloPoMo blogroll!! What does that mean? Well, besides meaning I'm nuts, I will post EVERYDAY this November!...more

If We Were Having Coffee

If we were having coffee I would tell you that it has been a very good week!The schools were on fall break which meant I was technically off of work. I ended up going in Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday though to help out and make a little extra money. Me and my lady decided to take off Thursday and Friday together. We wanted to spend some quality time together. It was only two days but it was very nice....more