PHOTO: My Energy

Quick post for NaBloPoMo- my Energy:Not the most original, but this was when I was first learning how to use my iPad and Instagram. Early morning breakfast shot!Thanks for reading! What gives you energy? Let me know in the comments.Ciao! Paula...more

Honey Vanilla Latte

Coffee: To Drink Or Not To Drink?

Today, I am reminiscing about coffee.I am reminded of the weeks I spent in Milan while working in the fashion industry.  I began the day with a warm café, enjoyed an espresso with lunch, a macchiato mid-afternoon, and a cappuccino after dinner.  It was perfect....more

The hot little tip that woke up my face

So it really wasn't until the birth of my second child that I ever thought about using concealer. I started out with a Bobbie Brown Tinted Eye Brightener. It is a relatively sheer formula and I lightly tapped the little doe foot applicator under my eyes every morning in lieu of a full nights sleep. Worked well but when I ran out I did not bother to repurchase. Cue third child and I picked up a Mary Kay facial highlighting pen to help get me through. Worked wonders--so much so that I swear it only lasted 4 weeks if that. I was using a. lot. of. product....more
I should try this!  Sleep deprivation wrecks your face :(more

Simply Cinnamon Coffee Cake

Simply Cinnamon Coffee CakeAn easy to make coffee cake that fits your craving anytime of the day from breakfast to dessert .. and all the coffee breaks and snacks in between....more

Taking your coffee in a sippy cup

My son is not a morning person. I am fine with that. I am fine with talking gently to him in the morning, making his room brighter and even helping him get dressed on the days when he is really not into getting out of bed. I'll do whatever it takes to help him start his day....more

Would you like a cup of coffee?

In effort to meet the opportunity to open up my blogspace for Blogher NaBloPoMo as a conversation on my blog I would be remiss not to start this on Twitter too. So from 6pm to 7pm PST today my twitter handle @SwimPatricia will also continue this topic of :Women and Coffee I admit its not very original but, I will promptly place myself at a coffee shop to go over some previous noted thoughts:...more
BlondewithSilver that is interesting given the iconic versions portrayed in movies and tv.more

Coffee ice cream with caramelised almonds (vegan)

There is no other word for describing this creation than dreamy. Seriously, this ice cream is exactly the kind of stuff that appears in my food-related dreams. You know the kind, I hope. The dreams where you walk around a seemingly endless buffet table with all your favourite foods, piling everything on your plates and smiling like a lunatic. Quite often, I wake up before getting to eat any of the stuff I have picked out. But when I do get to the eating part... this ice cream is the kind of stuff I eat in my dreams. Seriously....more

Habit Headaches or relief

Today I decided to do another NaBloPoMo post and the question is do you feel chained or released by your habits?I think the habits I develop consciously help me become a better person where as the habits I subconsciously are sometimes self destructive. For example going to the gym is my newest habit that is good for me as I am social as I exercise versus my subconsciously need for chocolate I will gain weight from eating 1000 Mars candy bars. ...more