How to Coffee-Shop Write Like A Boss

As a writer, I want you to think of me as a romantic figure who sits in my Downton Abbey library, penning my words with ink and quill while dressed fabulously in my Downton Abbey wares.Are you picturing it? Beautiful right?But we're being honest here.When I write at home, this is my uniform (now that it's winter & things are chilly 'round here):...more
One summer we didn't have air conditioning that worked and the local coffee shop became my ...more

How To Crave Coffee Less

A good Book & a perfect cup of Coffee..!

There is no better combination than this. Books always beat the movies. Books are slow, they build the plot, slowly arrives the conflict and resolves it in a mind blowing way. Books make us imagine our own version of that particular world , our own heroes ; it’s live: more than anything it’s always there inside our head whenever we want to visit.!...more

Best Pumpkin Spice Latte

Healthy Frosted Pumpkin Spice Latte (You May Start Drooling Now!)

My favorite thing about fall:PUMPKIN EVERYTHING!...more

Cafe Au Lait

You really don't need any fancy equipment or espresso machine to froth milk and make a great café au lait at home. ...more

DIY Cold-Brew Coffee

Sugar, milk or a combination of both is often a remedy for smoothing out the bitterness in a cup of coffee. Iced coffee is often so watered down that bitterness and acidity can linger and put a damper on this hot day beverage....more

Baileys Zebra

Baileys ZebraBaileys Zebra is the combination of Baileys and coffee, drizzled with dark chocolate. Taking the "adult" frozen treat to a whole new level of YUMMY!!IngredientsEspresso coffee (instant or fresh)Baileys liqueur...more

Two Word Taste Test: Cold Brew Coffee

Here’s a fun thing to do: Make coffee twelve ways* for a taste test then see how much of your house you can get cleaned because COFFEE COFFEE COFFEE COFFEE...more

Copycat Coffeehouse White Chocolate Mocha {Syrup Recipe + Hot & Iced Drink Instructions}

  I love coffeehouse drinks, but they can cost you a bundle over time. My favorite of the bunch is an iced, non-fat, no whip, White Chocolate Mocha, usually with 4 shots of espresso. ...more