How to Maintain a Healthy Life Balance as a Freshman

As a senior in high school, you have probably already chosen the one place where you would like to continue your education. Choosing your place of study, especially if it is away from home, entails much preparation; thinking of your short-term and long-term goals can help the transition. Short-term goals will include getting your finances in order, such as with scholarships and financial aid (if needed) and preparing for your first year away from your family....more

Best Laptop Backpacks for College Students[For Boys and Girls]

Best Laptop Backpacks for College Students(For Men and Women)While everyone needs a laptop bag, students will need them for obvious reasons. The current learning environment will require that students use laptops and for laptops items are expensive, it must be protected and thus the laptop bag. Most students also need to bring in materials that are used in universities such as books, pencils, writing pads, writing materials, and all they need while attending lessons....more

The Benefits of Laptops for College Students

The Benefits Laptops for College StudentsIn modern days, having a laptop is not something fancy anymore. In fact, most new students of any college should have one. Due to this trend, parents usually give laptop for their children as a graduation gift. Those parents realize that laptop will be needed for their education. Due to the high demand of laptop on the stake, manufacturers begin to produce laptops with different specifications. You can get decent laptop specification at an affordable price....more

3 Best Laptops For Engineering Students(Electrical)

Are you an electrical engineering student who is seeking for a good laptop to support your study in college..? It can be a little bit hard to recommend as it might be differently consideredd by each individual. We coudn't hope that everybody will have the same flavor, therefore you must consider the laptops as suggestion, not a definitive answer for your query.Read more ...more


Whether you are going back as a student, teacher or parent, take a look at these three essentials to live a more organized life this school year! ...more

Healthy Eating as a College Student

College.  A time of new adventures, goals to pursue, and endless change.  Navigating this new phase can be exciting and quite nerve-wracking.  One change I didn't anticipate was the way my body would adjust to this new lifestyle.  I went from practicing high school sports for several hours a day to many hours sitting at my desk studying.  Mom's fresh-from-the-garden home cooked meals were replaced by endless dining hall options....more

From Beaches to Bovines: How Agriculture Saved My Future

I wasn’t in a good place after my first semester at UW-Madison. I was 1,451 miles from home, I wasn’t sleeping, I was frequently visiting counseling and Mental Health Services, and I didn’t enjoy school. I kept telling my parents I didn’t want to go back to Madison after winter break. The only thing I was interested in going back for was a meeting with my advisor to confirm my enrollment in the Life Sciences Communication program and moving to the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences. It was my last shot. If I didn’t like it, I was positive I wouldn’t come back to Madison next year. ...more

An Open Letter to Parents of New College Students

Dear Parents,...more

The Struggles of Being A College Student

There is nothing more stressful than being 19, a sophomore in college and STILL not knowing what you want to study or what you want your profession to be. I search and search all the degree programs and research what the classes of that profession are like etc etc etc. As a sophomore in college, I've changed my major three times. So, technically I am still a freshman. And at this rate, I don't think I'll ever graduate till I'm 30.  ...more