Why I Chose Online Graduate School

As I drove to work a couple of mornings ago, the radio station I listen to daily was discussing with a listener about online degree programs. As I listened to their conversation (the mother was discussing how her daughter wanted to leave college because there was too much partying and she was considering an online degree), I couldn't believe what the words that came out of the DJ's mouth. The DJ uttered the words, "Online degree programs are a joke and a waste of money."...more

We remember more reading print than we do online

University of Houston researchers found that people who read printed news publications remember (and read) more than those who read online.The study was done on college students. One group read the NY Times in print, the other read the online version.After 20 minutes of reading they tested both groups. Those reading the printed version remembered 4.24 news stories, while the online group only recalled 3.35 stories....more

{ I } Miss Home

So it's been one month that we dropped of The Teenager to begin his College Life. One month since I packed up his clothes, tried to make sure he had everything he could ever need and sent him out there on his own. It's also been about 2 weeks since I got a text message saying 'miss home'. ...more

A New Normal

It’s been over a week since my son left for college and I still close his bedroom door every night and open it in the morning....more

Footing the bill for college

A decade from now when my son does an Internet search on me and comes across this blog, I want him to read this post in which I state the following:...more

Grades or Grit?

Tonight, as I am packing the last few items in the duffels that will accompany my daughter to college tomorrow, I remember each “first day” of her progression from kindergarten through 12th grade....more

Borderline Personality Disorder In Teens : Getting Back On Track After Set Backs

When my teen came home after failing at college, she was angry, depressed, violent, and mean.  Getting her moving again was a challenge.  Failures Can Leave Teens Disillusioned...more

9 Back-To-School College Dorm Organizing Essentials

I scoured Amazon and found the 9 college dorm organizing essentials I would most recommend--and most of them are on sale! In fact at current prices you could buy all 9 items for just under $100.00! I did the bargain shopping for you.  :) There is a photo at the bottom of the post with all of them pictured, perfect for pinning or tweeting, if you want to share this with your friends (and family--graduation gifts anyone?)! 1. Command Hooks ...more

How College Made Me a Better Person

We've all heard before that college is a time of growth for most people.  It's the first time in our lives when we're on our own and surrounded by so many people who are completely different from the people we've grown up around.  Each day, we're faced with a hundred decisions we'd never even considered before....more