Would you miss the color blue?

In one of the best pranks I know, you leave out a bowl of M&Ms. Unbeknownst to others, you place a smattering of Skittles directly underneath the M&Ms. Most people who eat M&Ms (at least in my friend circle) do so by the handful. So, all you have to do is wait for your victims to grab a handful of candy and shove them into their mouths, releasing a strange mix of chocolate and tangy fruit all in one go. ...more

Staying inside the lines

Throughout college, I kept a secret. There was something that I liked to do to relieve stress, but only when my roommate wasn't around. (I didn't want her judging me.) But I often found myself around exams week taking a break from my studies and taking a few minutes out of my day to color....more

First Impressions: Colour Pop!

I could not be happier with the Colour Pop plunge I recently took. Colour Pop Cosmetics is an L.A. based company that has a massive line of fallout free shadows, lip duos, and most recently blushes, highlighters and even bronzers. The color range is vast and they are super user friendly. Each product is only $5-$8. Seriously! I have had a chance to play and wanted to share my thoughts: ...more

Starting the New Year Slowly by Guest Posting

absolutelytara That's awesome Tara! Good for you. :)more

“Getting Dressed” with NARS – How to Wear Color

I believe that it’s essential to have variety in your wardrobe. Some days you’ll throw on a t-shirt and jeans. Others, you’ll slip on a little black dress paired with a statement necklace. You can’t live without your basics, but also enjoy dressing up....more

The new mommy car

I went to Target today to pick up some last minute school supplies for my daughter.  I noticed that there were a lot of other moms with children also.  We went in to the store, got the supplies and proceeded to look for the car.  The only problem was I couldn't find my car.  It was definetly a mommy momment I could not remember where I had parked my gray SUV in the gigantic parking lot....more

Hairroin Salon New York City: Best. Hair. Ever!

Looking for the perfect color or cut? Go to Hairroin in New York. -PJ Gach...more

The Psychology of Color (INFOGRAPHIC)

Colors play an important role in our every day life. And many decisions we make can be affected by them, in several aspects, without us even noticing it. It seems that our moods and emotions can change whether we are in a red room or a green room, whether we wear blue or yellow. It can influence which color of clothes we dress in or which color of paint we put on our walls and make a big difference on our state of mind....more

Recipe Binder

Do you ever feel like you are making the same meals over and over again? I was in this funk. We have our family favorites, our quick meals, and our "oops I forgot to thaw the meat" meals. I have been reading some of my favorite blogs for meals, searching online and looking on Pinterest. I have found some great meals and have been trying several out, but my recipe binder was in desperate need of a make-over. Plus all the new recipes I was printing out were being thrown into the cabinet....more