The End of Mom and Dad's Visit

I always have a hard time leaving my mom and dad, but things seemed especially hard when they left me. Mom and dad went back to Maryland yesterday and when Tracy and I dropped them off at the airport, i had tears in my eyes.I guess it was really nice just knowing that they were close by, even if I didn't see them every day and my lack of time off forced me to work. It didn't help that my mom was crying too.Now they are gone. Talk about suck!...more

Golden, Colorado

The Mr. and I got to travel to Golden, Colorado this past weekend to watch one of our closest friends get married....more

A Girl's Guide on How to Moisturize in Colorado's Mountains

Visiting or living in the Colorado Rocky Mountains can be fun, exhilitorating, full of adventure and a beautiful way to live. But for all of us "girly girls" out there, Colorado's weather year round is so dry, our skin starts to feel super dry and in need of lot's and lot's of moistruzier - not cool. So what's the key to soft, moisturized skin?...more

Denver : Craft Brews and Mountain Views

 Denver is a city that you could visit many times and fall in love with all over again each and every time. Unlike most of our trips, this trip was not meticulously planned. Aside from our hotel reservation, we had no plans set in stone. ...more

Aurora, Tucson, and Me

[Editor's Note: BlogHer Ashleigh Burroughs was shot during the January 2011 shooting at Rep. Gabrielle Giffords media event in Tucson, Arizona. --Grace] I have to write about it. I've tried avoiding it. I've tried minimizing it. I've tried ignoring it. I've tried tuning it out. I've skipped headlines and entire sections of the newspaper. It's not working....more
Beautifully said.  Thank you.more

A Mass Shooting Survivor Pushes For Gun Control in Wake of Colorado Tragedy

The mass shootings in Aurora, Colorado last Friday hit especially close to home for me. In 1999, I was shot when an armed gunman walked into a Jewish Community Center day camp near Los Angeles California. There were five of us wounded and one who was killed. At the time, this was considered a mass shooting. It is crazy that now this is looked at as a small amount of victims....more
Disarming the good guys will never stop the bad guys, it just makes it easier for the bad guys ...more

Colorado's Red Rock Park Brings in the STARS This Summer in Outside Arena

Recently, I had an opportunity to visit Red Rocks Amphitheatre, which is part of Red Rocks Park, which is located near Morrison, Colorado, some 20 minutes or so west of Denver.  The venue includes 868 acres of deer, dinosaurs, pines and prairie, geological wonders and spectacular vistas.At 6,450 feet above sea level, Red Rocks Park is a unique transitional zone where the Great Plains meet the Rocky Mountains....more

Bear-y nice to see you...

...except, Please Leave My Backyard. You're big and scary.Here's the bear coming down the mountain behind my house in Vallecito, Colorado....more

Motivational Monday #2

It's that time again, Monday!  First day of the work week.  This time instead of just giving you motivation quotes, I thought I'd share with  you some photos that I took that are inspiring.  "For I know the plans that I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."- Jeremiah 29:11...more