Where in the world is denverlori?

Gallery link below! Welcome to my first photo field trip of the 2011! I’m not really planning to make anyone guess where I went, but that would be fun -- maybe next time!  The Colorado State Capital in Denver, Colorado has long been a place I've wanted to visit with my camera. It is a gorgeous building with beautiful brass details on the many arched staircases....more

Love OR ...

When my boyfriend told me that every birthday after 21 is not so important or fun... I didnt believe him. But... as I am sitting here 19 minutes into my 22nd birthday, I am writing to say that yes, this birthday sucks so far. Maybe because I havent really planned anything or because my day falls the day before Christmas Eve, but he. was. right....more

Election 2010: Beyond the National Results

The election of 2010 will be one for the history books.  Republicans won a historic 65 seats in the House of Representatives to gain control of that legislative body.  While many eyes were focused on the national balance of power, a seismic power shift occurred at the state level....more

QuickByte Fridays--Colorado Country Christmas

Okay, I know this post won't apply to all of you, but I wanted to feature a fun way to kick-off the holiday shopping season by featuring a post from a local blogging friend, Angie at Garza Clan, for Colorado Country Christmas. What better way to get into the spirit than by hitting this massive shopping extravaganza! And, what a great trial run for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, which are just around the corner. Feel left out?...more

Denver Part Deux

Why REI you ask? Well, it’s the original and flagship store located in downtown Denver. Denver is a youthful town dominated by outdoorsy activities and sports town pride. On my last visit to Denver, I hit up some pretty fantastic joints and I’m happy to report that I discovered a few more gems in the Mile High City!...more

Eating and Drinking Our Way Through Denver

We were recently in Denver for BlogPaws, a pet writers conference, and had some time to explore the city, which of course involved trying some random, local places we thought looked fun. Denver seems like a very social, friendly place to live. Every paces we went the servers and the random people we met were nice and very quick to help someone from out of town. ...more

MWKA Monday: Samantha Rutt

This is the fifth in a series of interviews with moms who inspire....more

Michael Bennet's Woman Problem

Colorado’s establishment left claims Republican senatorial candidate Ken Buck has a problem with women. Apparently he is “insensitive.” But it’s really appointed Democratic Senator Michael Bennet and his supporters who have the problem. ...more

Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability -- Version 14

BOULDER, CO - When's the last time you attended a conference and one of the keynote speakers was only 16 years old? This was but one of the thought-provoking subject matter experts we were treated to at the 14th annual LOHAS (Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability) Conference, held at the super green St. Julien Hotel here. ...more