Pattern Interruption in the Workplace

So you are frustrated with your direct reports. You can’t seem to get to the bottom of their gossiping and slacking off at work. You have talked to each one separately and no one is willing to say what is really going on.Pattern Interrupt is the way to go.Normally you call together a team and ask “what is going on” and you do the same thing with the individuals to no avail....more

Selective Hearing

Accordingly to the sound expert Julian Treasure (, we spend 60% of our communication time listening but only retain 25% of what we hear—25%!—So if you feel that you are not being heard, you are likely entirely accurate....more


How to Successfully Interview TOP 10 TIPS FOR INTERVIEWING...more

Can You Ever Win An Argument?

My husband reminds me often, "You can never win an argument."He's not talking about arguments between the two of us. In our 12 years together we've found our rhythm of discussion and debate....more

Jealousy Does Not Become You

I’ve spent a good part of this evening talking about the fact some of my long-standing male friends have recently gotten into relationships and how some of their girlfriends have felt moved to voice concerns about those guy’s friendships with me. They apparently perceive me to be some kind of a threat....more

On Race and Walking on Eggshells

A week or two ago a fellow blogger, Christy, from A Woman The World Deserves, posted the following on her Facebook wall, in regard to Black History Month:...more

Why am I doing this anyway

Everything I have read about promoting your you tube channel says the most important things are to upload videos on a regular schedule and comment on other people's videos. I upload videos regularly, two times a week, on Wednesdays and Saturdays, but the commenting I am not as good at.  But, getting subscribers and views had been slow, slow, slow to almost non-existant. I was going to give it my ALL.  I started watching lots of videos and commenting.  Then I realized, I was not having fun.  I felt like I was trying to be in a world where I really didn't fit....more

The Notepads: Spontaneous Notes of Intimacy Within A Family

If you look at the area by the phone in our kitchen, I’m embarrassed to admit you will usually find a disorganized mess of pens, miscellaneous mail, postage stamps, scissors, a glue stick and several notepads....more

It’s Not All About Me (OR You!)

It’s all about perspective....more
melanie jean juneau You are far too kind! Thank you. It may be a day or three before I can ...more

6 Free Tools to Help Families Stay Bonded

Only a few decades ago, the only ways to keep in touch with family members were letters, expensive long distance phone calls and personal visits. Now there are a wealth of options available online to help you remain bonded with your loved ones through text, voice and video. Here are some of the best and easiest to use free tools to communicate easily with family. Facebook...more