Why you need to change your tone

Jerry Seinfeld has a very funny bit about the many tones of marriage. Basically, it boils down to where he is not supposed to use his normal speaking tone when communicating with his wife, as she considers it too harsh....more
When I'm pointing out what my husband forgot to do. If I'm tired I might have a pretty harsh ...more

Do You Ask Your Spouse’s Permission…

I agree with your calling it being considerate, and with your husband's definition. That's what ...more

I'm talking to myself

My son is in his room, talking away. He is talking about exploring a cave and there is treasure in the cave and he will need to gather some weapons to fight off any monsters or dragons that are guarding the treasure. But not the pet dragon that he has - that one he will not need to fight off, because it is a guard dragon similar to the pet tigers that guard his secret lair...It is quite an elaborate setup for a game. But, the truth remains: He is talking to himself....more

For the record: Thanks, honey

What would you change about your spouse? Is it the way he leaves dishes in the sink? Or the way she leaves hair all over the bathroom floor? Think about the items in your marriage you wish were a little better. (Please don't email me a list or anything.) ...more

Hey! That’s not in the script!

About a year or so ago, I wrote a post about the difficulty DC has with using the telephone (Don’t forget to call Mom). We haven’t made all that much progress since that post but we continue to work at it. As I said in that post, he does know how to use the telephone, but he only uses it when he is told to. It is never spontaneous. Most of his calls are to me, to tell me he is leaving work and again to tell me that he is home....more

Come and visit me

When I was a little girl we would visit my father's extended family quite often. So often, that I was confused as to who my Mother's family was for a very long time. (I would wonder: Did she not have a family? Or was her family the same as Dad's family?) It took me a long time to realize that her family lived farther away....more
definitely in person meeting creates stronger bonds. Beautiful articlemore

Could You Work With Your Spouse?

I am spoiled. For several years I worked with my husband at the same company and now we work only a few blocks apart. This means that I am used to being able to have lunch with my wonderful husband on a frequent basis and that neither of us has to go out of our way to spend time together in the middle of the day....more
Yes. My husband and I met at work and still work together . Same company different departments. ...more

How To Develop A Customer Engagement Strategy

  What is customer engagement, and why is it needed? When looking at things from a marketing perspective, customer engagement is centred on strengthening your relationship with your current customers and building a relationship with new and potential customers. ...more

What your child's teacher wants to know

When I was in fourth grade, our house caught on fire. Happily, no one was hurt, but a great number of our possessions either had fire or smoke damage. My brother and I took off a few days from school as a result of our parents trying to figure out how to restore normality to our family....more

Four Things You Should Stop Doing if You Want Him to Open Up

One of the most common complaints I hear from women is that their husbands won't open up, or that they have no idea how much something is bothering him until he explodes. Clearly culture plays a role in this. Just like women feel an unspoken pressure to be beautiful, men feel an unspoken pressure to be unemotional. So we're starting with a stacked deck here, but there are a few things women do that make the circumstances even harder....more