If you're happy and you know it, tell your Mom

There are certain questions that I ask my son frequently:...more

Money Talks: How Being Silent About Finances Can Hurt Intimacy

Is discussing money a hot button subject at your house?Is your husband involved in business deals you don't understand?Even worse, does he withhold financial information when you ask for it?One of the women I interviewed for my book said, "He wants to have sex every night and I can't know what our net worth is? And I'm supposed to pretend it doesn't matter?"...more

How to Talk With (and About) Autistic Human Beings

I’m currently in physical therapy to rehabilitate a surgically-repaired knee. The kind, competent therapists tend to make small talk, which invariably means fielding tentative, well-meaning questions about my autistic son. Which gives me the opportunity to model the way I'd like people talk and think about people like my Leo. ...more
Another one to add: Don't assume person-first language is the preferred language, and DON'T ...more

Parents just don't understand

On days of high stress at my office, my coworkers and I will message one another with phrases we've picked up from the younger members of our team: This meeting: I can't even.OR I literally can't with this person right now.OR ...more

Leaving the house without your phone

Last week while my husband was traveling I took my son out on a date (which means he got to pick dinner and then we went out for dessert). As I was answering his questions over ice cream, he asked me about nitrogen (because that is what five-year-olds are into these days). I went into my purse to get out my phone to look up more information, but realized it wasn't there....more
I hate forgetting my phone but don't mind so much if I actively choose not to have my phone ...more

How to speak the language of Mom

Mmmmmmmmm....mah...mah...mah! Mmmmmmmmm....mah...mah...mah! That is an approximation of the sounds I often made at my son when he was about four months old. As I made those sounds, I gave him a big smile to show him how much fun it was to make those sounds. ...more

What do you expect?

First, I want to apologize for not posting the last few days. I have been home sick with a terrible sinus infection. You know the kind that knocks you off of your feet, when you can’t do anything but sit in a recliner and shove tissue after tissue in your nose hoping it will somehow pull the clog of snot out? Yea, that’s the kind....more

The Truth About Lying

In conversations with women, lying comes up a lot. I find that often times people are let down in relationships through lying and deceit. This is just the way things happen, but it doesn’t need to be the way you carry yourself.As men, we don’t have to compromise ourselves to live the lives we want to. We can get whatever it is that we want by being totally real with ourselves and others.There are two major problems with lying to others:1.)  If you have to lie to others, you are saying to yourself that the truth is not good enough....more

Distance In Relationships Isn't Always A Bad Thing

Distance makes the heart grow fonder. That’s what they say. How do “they” know that? Does it not just make you forget instead? After all, there are other “they” who say out of sight means out of mind. If time is distance then yes, it can make you appear to forget. The reality though is that you don’t actually forget. What it does is give you time to let things go so only the best parts are left. It gives you perspective. It makes you see the important things, the good things, the happy times, and let the rest go. ...more

Give First

Most men and people for that matter are focused on what they will be able to get from a person. If they meet them they only see the value in it for what they can receive. Whether it is a romantic relationship, business relationship, or even just a friendship, focus on giving first.When you give first to the other person with no attachment to receiving, you are far more likely to get what you want. Your relationships will thrive much better when you don’t have to receive but can give....more