3 Things You Never Need To Say and 3 Things You Can Say Instead

I've overheard a few comments lately and it made me realize that there are a few statements that simply never need to be uttered.1. "You'd feel better if you stopped your bad habit."...more

You should text your mother

As mentioned before, my Mother is really good with technology. She blogs, she texts and she FaceTimes with her grandchildren. It turns out that this is really good - not just that she is adept at embracing new things, but it's good for my relationship with her....more

Mommy is failing at school

Within the span of his short life, my son has been to two schools. He attended the first school from the extremely tender age of six weeks old and only left it after we moved, right before his fourth birthday. In that first school, he made his first friends, and there was a core group of them that moved from room to room. It became natural for me to know them and for them to know me. I've painted their faces, talked to them upon pickup, and had them over for play dates and birthday parties....more

I Need Space! Communicating What You Really Need

Now a day I get into deep relationship conversations with total strangers at the mall. It’s weird how it happens, but as soon as I mention my blog and that I dabble as a dating coach, people want to open up to me. My latest conversation was with a man who told me that he ended his last relationship because he needed space and the girl he was with just couldn’t understand....more

An App for Sexual Consent Now Exists and it's Just Wrong

Put your panties aside and file this one under, "Wait a minute. Seriously?"Are you sitting down?OK. There's an app for sexual consent.Called "Good2Go," it's free and according the site, is a "...simple consent mobile phone app that targets college-age adults." To which I say, "Wait a minute. Seriously?"...more

No longer sci fi: Researchers develop brain-to-brain communications over 5,000 miles

It was only a matter of time.An international team of researchers  were able to transmit a thought from one person's brain to another person's brain some 5,000 miles apart.The transmission used no writing or speaking but rather a thought from one scalp in India (via the Internet) to the other scalp in France.The thoughts were "hola" (hello) and "ciao" (goodbye) and they wree "assigned to the brai-computer interface to send as a binary code by email." ...more

4 Ways to SUPPORT Your Husband - thoughts from HIS point of view!

Husbands have a lot on their plate. They work full time. They have home responsibilities. They take time with the kids. They fix the cars. They vacuum and cook when in a pinch. They wear many hats! They need just as much encouragement and support as we wives do - maybe even more!I asked my husband what he needs in the way of support. And these are his answers on how to support your husband!...more

7 Ways to CHANGE your Husband!

I think every woman thinks at some point that with enough pressure and chatter, she can change her husband. I have thought this countless times to no avail. No amount of pressure and coercing on my part has done any good in moving Hubby toward an idea, attitude, or action. I hate to say it but it's taken me these 2 and half years of marriage to realize that I alone cannot change Hubby. Men don't like to be bossed. They must be gently encouraged or led. Have you ever heard that song from the movie "Hello Dolly!"? So true!...more

What does the horsie say? Seriously.

 Our barn rat, Hannah, didn’t meet the horses her first visit to the farm. She was only 3 days old. We waited till her second visit later that week. It was love at first sight for all of us....more