The Notepads: Spontaneous Notes of Intimacy Within A Family

If you look at the area by the phone in our kitchen, I’m embarrassed to admit you will usually find a disorganized mess of pens, miscellaneous mail, postage stamps, scissors, a glue stick and several notepads....more

It’s Not All About Me (OR You!)

It’s all about perspective....more
melanie jean juneau You are far too kind! Thank you. It may be a day or three before I can ...more

6 Free Tools to Help Families Stay Bonded

Only a few decades ago, the only ways to keep in touch with family members were letters, expensive long distance phone calls and personal visits. Now there are a wealth of options available online to help you remain bonded with your loved ones through text, voice and video. Here are some of the best and easiest to use free tools to communicate easily with family. Facebook...more

When He Stops Texting Back

Dear Carmen, I'll get right to the point. My boyfriend takes FOREVER to text back. I KNOW he has his phone on him, because when we're together, it's practically glued to his hand! There are days when we text back and forth for hours within minutes (even seconds!) of each other, but sometimes, I get nothing back at all! I've told him this bothers me, but it just keeps happening! I think that's rude. What's the deal? Sincerely, Always Left Hanging Dear Left Hanging... Have you seen this graphic? I found it on Pinterest... ...more
Franckly speaking, let him breathe or he will run away.  Reading your post, maybe he should. ...more

10 Ways to Instill Inspiration In Your Team!

As a leader you wear many hats but one of the most important is keeping your team inspired. Inspiration keeps them motivated and growing. Let me share the top ten ways to keep your team inspired:1. Honesty & Integrity...more

Listening: The Key To Leading And Teamwork

Photo credit: Melvin Gaal ( / / CC BY-NCHave you ever worked with a manager who was a poor listener? Or have you worked with a team that has trouble listening to each other? If so, then you know how frustrating it can be when the people around you don’t seem to be listening. Teamwork is dysfunctional. Debates occur even when people are talking about the same thing. Relationships break down. When we fail to listen to each other, we not only miss important information but we also lose the opportunity to build respect and trust between each other. Would you trust someone who rarely seems to listen to you?...more

Why can't we communicate?

 Things aren’t always what they seem…….....more

The "I Love You, But..." Book: A DIY Tool for Communicating with a Spouse with PTSD or TBI

This is the best way that we have found to communicate about issues that we’re having without fighting. Living with someone who has PTSD/TBI means walking on eggshells every day, even when things are great. When there are problems it becomes a total nightmare. He shuts down, but I take the opposite approach and start yelling. Soon neither of us are listening to each other and we both just give up and walk away. Or we fight for a few hours before walking away, wondering if it’s time to call this quits. ...more

When Should I Expect a Call After a First Date?

How soon after a first date should I expect a guy to send me a text? I’ve had guys text me right after saying they had a good time and others go days before sending me even a hello. Should I say something at the end of each date to make sure they’ll contact me?...more

Dating for Dummies: Women’s Edition

It’s here! After numerous exciting conversations, great photo exchanges and fun IMs, you finally have a date with the guy you’ve been chatting with.All is looking good, and the build up to this point has been amazing. But now what? Your palms grow sweaty as you start to think about what to say, what to wear, and you start to create stories in your head about......more