I Met a Guy But he Doesn’t Speak my Language. Could it Ever Work?

Well the good news is that body language is the universal language of love.  In fact, upon first impression and getting to know someone, 90% of communication is nonverbal so what you say is not necessarily as important as the signals that are presented.So, when two people have chemistry such as with this man you are describing......more

Is Cheating in a Relationship Ever Forgivable?

In my opinion, you have to ask the right questions going into the relationship. These questions include the obvious, “Did any of your past relationships end in cheating on your part?” If the answer is yes, it’s important to know whether the cheating has been a pattern or if it was a one time thing. There is a big debate over the phrase, “Once a cheater, always a cheater”. ...more

Better Saddle Conversations.

  Think of riding as a conversation. ...more

8 Reasons I Didn't Respond to Your Text/Voicemail/Email/Message/Etc

I know you sent me that text/voicemail/email/facebook message/instagram comment/smoke signal last week/month/year. I know I was supposed to respond. You and I both know that I did not. Here’s why:...more

A new house = happiness....NOT

If I have one more person tell me how exciting a new house is…… I just am up to here with the lack of translation. I have learned its like whisperdown the lane.What I tell Jim somehow becomes something different to the contractor,yet alone what the sub-contractor hears.End result? The two of us stumbling aroundall stressed out. ...more

It's the Silence that Kills Me

Sometimes our house gets silent. Not silent in the way of the night when all are sleeping and things are well. No it's a deafening silence. It's a silence that occurs when one or the other of us need time or space for whatever we might need it for. Maybe we've been disappointed, maybe we're stressed, maybe we're upset. In many ways this silence is good. I'd prefer silence to long-drawn out arguments that don't go very far and where things may be said in haste or anger or frustration. I'd prefer silence to these things. While I was a kid, things were never silent....more

Emotional and Sexual Intimacy Online ... Do you know what's on your partner's computer?

A recent study from the UK suggests that couples are secretly checking their partners Internet devices (i.e., Smart Phones) to see if they might be cheating. This suggests that there is some uneasiness among couples as to whether their partners are immune to the temptations of the Internet....more

Embracing Your Inner Celebrity

Earlier this year, I blogged that I would be writing a series on embracing you. So, after some time, I would like to kick off the series with Embracing Your Inner Celebrity....more

3 Reasons Why Conversation is The Best Foreplay

When you’re in a serious relationship — long after the butterflies have flown away and the honeymoon stage is over, things can get boring. One key way to keep things fresh is to remain mindful of how you communicate with one another. Nothing compares to the amazing feeling of being able to sit down and have a good conversation about the serious, silly, and simple things with the one you love. ...more
@RebeccaRaige You are not alone, Rebecca! Marriage takes work by itself, so to be happily ...more

Let's Talk, Not Judge

We've all seen it before in movies.  (And I do pray you've only seen it movies and never in real life).  The scene involves an American and an Asian (typically Chinese), where the American readily and ignorantly assumes that the Asian does not speak, nor understand English, and so he ends up speaking ever so s----l---o---w-----l------y, and in the process inadvertently raising his voice which turns everything into a borderline scream....more