Three Communication Tips To Help You Get Your Point Across

 If I’m not careful, I can be a talker. As a natural at the art of capturing a story, it’s a gift. But it can also be a weakness. Here are three tools I’ve found useful to help me stay trim in my communications and remain effective in the long run.  This includes marketing and sales....more

Four Dysfunctional Attitudes About Communication

 Effective communication is the key to everything. To business, to relationships, to peace.  However people often have some dysfunctional ways of thinking about the subject. Let’s take a look at these and see if any apply.1. There is no such thing as just one solution! ...more

Steering Yourself to Victory

The end of another year is just about to arrive, and you are most likely caught up with the excitement of the holidays, shopping and spending time with those you love. It's around now that you begin to set intentions and goals for the upcoming year....more

Signing Time (giveaway)

There is a large sign-language training program in Tucson, Arizona. I know this because in the year that I lived in that town, people would practically pee in their pants when they saw my ginormous hearing aids. They'd start to sign furiously. They refused to talk to me unless I was looking directly at them. It was pretty annoying. ...more

2012 -The Year to Start Walking and Talking

Are you starting to think about your resolutions for 2012?  You know the kind -- off to the gym 4 times a week in a burst to lose those excess festive pounds? Of course we all know that it’s a good idea to incorporate exercise into our daily routines as it’s more likely to get done that way and walking to school with your kids is ingraining in them some important values about exercise and fresh air. I want to give walking a plug for two other equally important reasons....more

Sharing a Secret Shame

It was a calm afternoon. An old friend, I'll call her Angela, had stopped by for the afternoon for brunch and coffee. We nibbled healthy foods and joked about weight loss. It is part of our usual inventory of topics. Although we live too far apart to get together often, we do seem to be able to hit a regular and familiar groove after over 25 years of friendship. This time, I had a special insight about occasions of over-eating that I wanted to share with her. But it was not an easy story to tell....more
Oh I so related to your blog post. I was sexually abused as a child and know exactly what you ...more

Re-thinking the "Social Media Expert" Career

I paid cash money to attend a local social media event recently. It was about 12:20 on Friday afternoon. All I had to show for my investment was a bag of peanuts and a non-functional rubber brain. It was raining. I was miserable. I could hear a man at another table telling a group of women “Oh yeah, I work with mommy bloggers all the time. We have this money making affiliate system that allows you to take care of your families…” I smell hokum. This was not a good sign. ...more

Conversations with Ourselves

I mentioned a few months ago how my husband and I consistently ended up shouting at one another just to be heard over the din of "LOOK AT ME, LOOK AT ME, LOOK AT ME!" that my toddlers put forth every time they see us attempting to converse. We've moved on from that. We no longer speak at all. It's too hard. I've been solving this problem by holding conversations with my husband in my mind. I thought it was just me. Yesterday, though, I found out he does it, too. ...more

11 Fun Love & Sex Stocking Stuffers

Oh, come on! Why do you look so serious? Gift giving should be fun! Run through this list with me and get back in the mood. Remember, 'tis the season! ...more
I love these, I need to find some of these and buy them, especially the "Make a Decision" ones.more

Little Kids

We drove three hours yesterday to get to Nana's place in southwest FL. As we headed down, the girl's new "children" status hit me full force, and it's not left me since. With their expanded vocabularies, the twins are now capable of holding complete conversations, not only with me, but with my husband and with each other, too. This means that slowly, I will stop being their only confidante, friend, and conversational partner. The joy! The rapture!READ MORE:...more