Words and Phrases

Now that we've hit four, the language is beginning to even out quite a bit. My girls are using complex phrasing and doing their darndest to keep up with the adults when it comes to chit chat. Here are a few funny sayings and pronunciations for your time.A few widels: Combination a few minutes and a little while, with a 'd' thrown in to anchor the word.Don't tell me that word: I don't want to hear that.What kind go outside?: Where are we going today?...more

Six Tips For Communicating With Elderly Loved Ones

For many of us, caring for and communicating with an elderly loved one can be quite the challenge. Though aging is something we may have been expecting for a while, it can be a very uneasy process to watch our loved ones decline in cognitive and communication abilities....more

Is Your Mode of Communication Causing You to Miss Opportunities?

You've created a wonderful website, your blog rocks, and you are yearning for opportunities to further your work. You wait and wonder why no one contacts you. Perhaps it's because you've made it too darn difficult for those interested in your work to reach you, so they move on. "Say What? (you think...) We are in the most connected time in history between social media, the web, and the extra appendage known as the smartphone!" I agree with you, but hear me out. Just because you're "connected" doesn't mean anyone can actually communicate with you. ...more
(And feel free to let me know how long it takes to find the contact info at ...more

7 Secrets For Leaving Better Voicemail Messages

If you’re like most business people, you leave voicemail messages all day long but you’re rarely given much thought to how you’re doing it.  Voicemail can be a great way to save time, but it can also create unintended negative results if you’re unaware of a few bad habits.  Here are 7 secrets to leaving better voicemail messages. ...more

Family Meetings

Every member of your family has a right to have his or her opinions respected. You don’t have to agree or go along with what your child wants, but you should at least know what it is, and your child should know why you're overriding his or her preferences. Regular family meetings, where everyone including the children expresses feelings, negative and positive, and all of you work together to solve problems, can help a lot....more

Can You Hear Me Now?

It is the bane of every mother's existence-- the question repeated a million times a day:  Did you hear me?  Sometimes it sounds more like "what did I just say to you?!" or "do I need to repeat myself?!"  No matter how you ask this question, it all boils down to the same idea-- IS ANYONE LISTENING TO ME IN THIS GODFORSAKEN PLACE!!!!! If you have to ask, the answer is probably NO. ...more

Are You Having a Conversation on Facebook?

In a new window, go open your Facebook account and bring up the news feed that contains people's status updates. And now let's do a little test with the top 10 statuses. Taking into account your relationship with the person, is their current status update an appropriate first line to a conversation? ...more
I suppose this is why I rarely post status messages on Facebook. I'll use it to share links or ...more

The Five Fingers of Listening: Teaching Kids Listening Skills

I often hear this phrase in my therapy room, but Edith, “My kid just won’t listen to me.” Parents of little ones are frustrated, tired after a long day at work and the last thing they need is their child ignoring their requests. So, if you find yourself discouraged with the current situation, I hope the following helps bring things into a new perspective....more

The Great Letter Writing Campaign

To send a letter is a good way to go somewhere without moving anything but your heart. ~Phyllis TherouxA letter can make a person's day or break a person's heart.Consider a sincerely felt thank you letter. You are letting the person know that you appreciate the thought and effort they put into giving you a gift. You are telling them you know and appreciate the time it took to show you how much they care. You are showing them that you care that they care....more

Your Baby Isn't Trying to Annoy You; She's Crying to Communicate

On a recent trip to the park, I overheard a parent ranting and raving about a little one “being a brat and always pitching fits.” It took me less than two seconds of looking at the child to realize his mother had put him down on hot asphalt without shoes on, and his "fit" was actually cries of pain as he danced around trying to keep his poor little feet off the asphalt while trying to push past his mommy to get back into the car. In a few years this mother will wonder why her ten-year-old is always so sullen and silent....more
I think it's important to note that kids get your overall intentions, even if you make one or ...more