We Used to Speak in Essays

I've been troubled for the last week by the events in Boston -- two bombs exploded at the Marathon, one of the suspects was killed in a shootout (as was a cop), and the city shut down for a day while they hunted and captured the other suspect, his brother, a 19-year-old from Chechnya. ...more
Beautifully written post and I agree to a point. In general I see Facebook as a cocktail party, ...more

Is the Medium Impacting The Message? (Thoughts on Kate Hartman's TED Talk: The Art of Wearable Communication)

Kate Hartman has been developing prototypes of various clothing items to improve communication. Like a hat that helps you hear yourself better. Or a funnel that lets you fight with another person by letting them hear your angry tone without feeling the sting of your words. (That one is pretty powerful) Or how about a suit that lets you hug (and listen to) a glacier, thereby better understanding the natural world around you. ...more

3 Tips for Having That Avoided Conversation

Okay....So I’m talking to this woman I met yesterday who is telling me about what a great marriage she has, and I ask her, “What is your biggest relationship challenge?”  (You can see now why people don’t invite me over for dinner….!) So she tells me, “Well I’m afraid to bring up uncomfortable subjects.” “How long have you been married?”  “30 years.” “OK”, I say.  “So how “hot” is your relationship?  How much “juiciness” is there after 30 years?”  “You mean sex?” “Yes, sex.” We haven’t had sex in 10 years! ...more

10 tips for writing memorable copy

My clients sometimes assume that writing comes easily to me. They think that because I spend a lot of my time writing–whether it’s for a communications plan or copy for a new product or website–that words just magically appear on the virtual page like a flock of geese on a still pond. Well, it’s just not true. Even seasoned writers spend hours coming up with the right headline, the perfect slogan. Writing is hard work, yet I’ve found a few simple ways to improve my writing (and the writing of others) instantly without fussing too much. So, here’s the skinny on writing like you mean it....more

3 Golden Rules to Get People to Answer Your Emails

Today I was enjoying the mini-mastermind group that I participate in. One person brought to the table the challenge of getting people to respond to their emails. Lack of response is delaying the organizations progress (while also driving him nuts as the project leader). What should he do? This is a great question! I hear this from small business owners and corporate leaders alike. So, how do you get people to give you the responses you need by when you need them? Follow these 3 golden rules and you'll be amazed what happens. ...more
Leading the subject line with "Action Required," "Response Requested," or "For Your Information" ...more

Baby Talk 101

I was pretty impressed when my daughter began to talk a few months ago. Suddenly, out of nowhere, comes the need to combine sounds to express a will or a need, to share emotions, or to label items from her everyday environment.There was no possible doubt, she was really creating words according to what defines a word :...more

What They're Saying at Almost 4.5

I do a words and phrases list every now and again to track cute things that will soon vanish from my auditory life forever. The girls are speaking more and more clearly now, though they insist on certain pronunciations more than others, and have trouble re-training their tongues to make certain sounds that they've heretofore gotten around.For instance:Skirt: slirt. Only it's not quite SLirt, there's more of a flemy sound in there as the skid past the k without hitting it....more

But It's Not in My Job Description!

It's not my job! Have you ever said that in response to being asked to do something at work? Pulled out the "not in my job description" card? Well here's why you should never say that. ...more
I had to dispose of two dead mice the other day at my building since my male neighbor didn't ...more

How To Use The Power Of Body Language

Have you ever noticed that what goes unsaid often says so much?...more

Dr. Romance Video: Guidelines for Relating with Love

 Click here to view the video....more