Mental Illness Touches Us All

I read an article on the Huffington Post one day titled Mental Illness Affects Everyone and I realized there was far more truth to that title than the article covered....more

Wellness Wednesdays #2: Mantras

This week’s question is: People often have scripts, mantras, or sayings, that they repeat over and over again in their mind. Identify some common scripts you find yourself saying (good and/or bad). How do the good ones help you, how do you combat the bad ones?...more

Waiting On The World To Change

        As a younger teen, it was often pointed out to me that I was very young. Still, I have wanted to make a change in my community for a while. This is something that has held on to my subconscious ever since. Part of why I started this blog is because I thought I could finally have people hear what I have to say as a woman, whether I am young or not. To have people read my blog means so much to me, because in a way it means someone is reading and respecting my opinion....more

Running Back for One Another

I clenched my teeth and held my breath as the covey of quail darted under my car. They had shot out of the bushes and into the street so swiftly, I didn’t have time to swerve to miss them. I took one hand off the steering wheel and dropped it to my chest when I heard a thud. In the rearview mirror, the reflection flailed and flapped on the pavement behind me. He appeared to be tethered to the road by one lone, shattered leg....more

5 easy steps for creating cancer community

Alicia Rosales, survivorship program navigator at St. Luke’s Mountain States Tumor Institute, also serves on the board of River Discovery, an Idaho non-profit that offers white water adventures for people dealing with cancer.“Do you want to come on a 3-day camping/rafting adventure?” she asked. “As part of the volunteer staff?” Yeahhhh. ...more

Of Langar and Love

 “Parsada, Waheguru.”“Chutney, Waheguru.”“Kheer, Waheguru.”VT was serving food at the langar and I was in the kitchen. He must have served some fifty people and was on his toes for over an hour. From cleaning green chilies, I had moved to making rotis on a big tawa. Around twenty five at a time, turning each on both sides till they cook, and keeping an eye on all at the same time. ...more

Just because I work from home . . .

There are a number of things I want my family, my company and my friends to know about working from home. But there is one thing, in particular, I want all of them to really understand—working from home is not easy....more

Nine Ways High School Football Fosters Community

I'd like to introduce the positive side of football.  I'm well aware of the dangers of the sport and the negative press at the professional level; there's a lot of talk about the bad side, and rightly so.  For our family, football gave my son more than any sport, a sense of community on so many levels both inside and outside the team.  He never wanted to miss a practice or a game.  He wanted his parents to watch him play and we wanted to be there too, Friday Night Lights fans....more

I just realized how much I miss Google Reader

Looking back, 2009 was one of the most auspicious years of my life. I finished a thesis, earned a Master’s degree, got engaged, launched a blog(!), moved out of state, started a doctoral program, and maintained a long-distance relationship. But you know what I just realized I really miss? Google Reader. Stay with me....more
Karen Ballum Ditto!more

Why We Should Talk About Miscarriage

This week marks 5 years since our miscarriage.My pregnancy loss was the first really difficult thing (besides my mom’s early onset Alzheimer’s diagnosis, of course) that I experienced without her support.Yet, it made me feel closer to her because I knew she had walked that path....more