Writing Prompts

Writing pure fiction is impossible.  I have to write what I know, what I feel, and it has to be based my experiences.  The Seed story was inspired by my son's language arts required reading.  Though the story never happened, I unintentioanlly felt a compelling need to use the first person voice and develop my character based on my culture and life values.  When I blog, I have tried to hide certain characteristics of my personality in order to help or protect others.  This being an anonymous blog, I feel a little freer in my word or topic choices....more

When you're here you're home

Our Thanksgiving Day this year was quite different from any of our previous holiday celebrations. Yes, there was turkey and pumpkin pie - some things don't (and shouldn't) change! - but the gathering in which we took part was entirely unlike anything I've experienced before. When we heard that one of our most beloved places in Windsor, Deb's Diner, was hosting a "Peace Feast" on Thanksgiving Day, Peter and I immediately decided we wanted to be a part of it. ...more

Bike Ride for Brain Cancer

My friend is battling brain cancer.Less than a year ago she experienced severe headaches and, after a doctor’s visit and some scans, she learned she had a brain tumor.  Post-surgery tests revealed the final blow: the tumor was malignant.  She was 34, and until then had never experienced any symptoms or signs of anything abnormal in her health....more

Regarding Trayvon

As a mother, community member, concerned citizen, and person in America, it is impossible to escape the numbing feeling of sadness that comes over me when I think of the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman situation. Like so many others, I cannot help but to feel that justice was not truly served....more

Being a "Sunshine Mom"

When my son was 6 weeks old, I joined a mommy group that was organized based on geographical area and the calendar year of the births of our children. This was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Six years later, our group is still going strong.During our kids’ first years we consulted each other on every topic of parenting: feeding, sleep training, developmental milestones, potty training, discipline, and more.After a couple of years we debated which preschools to visit, and many of us decided to send our kids to the same preschool....more

Hippy Fit Mom Community

  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d_SZYrr-hEM ...more

Accepting Help Is a Beautiful Thing

A friend and I were talking about accepting help and how hard it is to relent and say yes to receiving help. It was a simple thing, a couple meals being brought to her home after a hand surgery, and yet, the first instinct was to say no and to move forward not accepting the offer for help. She stood across from me and said why is it so easy for me to help others and yet so hard for me to accept help for myself? ...more
Nice post... I struggled with this at one time, tried to help others even as I was oblivious to ...more

Wellness on the web: The Natural Foodie

Wellness on the Web is an ongoing interview series that showcases bloggers who focus on clean, unrefined, nourishing and naturally delicious food. This week, please welcome…Kirsty | The Natural FoodieFacebook // Twitter // Email ...more

What I love about Marathons

The thing I love about a road race is that it's the only sporting event I know of where everyday competitors compete in the same event with world-class and olympic athletes. You or I can't compete in a swimming race with Michael Phelps, ski with Bode Miller, or golf against Tiger Woods. And not because those athletes are too stuck up to compete with the masses - their sports just aren't set up that way....more

Blitz Build begins!

Hey Folks, As I said last Sunday, during the Blitz Build weeks I'm just going to post some pictures of our progress with very little chatting on my part. Here we go... Monday 04/08...more