Why I've Been Avoiding My Spiritual Community

For the past 10 years, I've been a part of a spiritual community that both nurtures and inspires me. I have been an active volunteer in this congregation. I have felt strong connections to the people there. I married my husband in the sanctuary. A few years ago when asked in a meditation workshop to close my eyes and think of a place where I belonged, it was the building where this congregation gathers that came into my mind.So why haven't I been there in several months? ...more
@j9nkidz Thanks for your comment. A couple of things were going on. 1) As I mentioned, I have ...more

Fighting Donor Fatigue - One Donor At A Time

There's quite a bit of chatter about donor fatigue:...more

She Lives Alone

Some deep rumble, louder than a regular car engine, woke me before six this morning. I opened my eyes to see the reflection of flashing red lights from outside on my bedroom ceiling. Thinking it was a police car going up the street I got to my feet and put on my glasses to look outside. Surprised to find the engine rumble coming from the front of my unit, I went down to the living room to peer out at all the flashing lights. The EMT’s were removing a gurney from the back of an ambulance. Firemen without uniforms were following the EMT’s to a unit outside of my vision range....more

In Blog We Trust: Affiliate Disclosure and Community

I think that affiliate links are a great way for bloggers to do business across social media platforms. Yet, they’re not always disclosed as such, and that’s a problem. Our success depends on the integrity of this community. A blogosphere built on trust and authenticity. ...more
I know I'm proud to use the #ad hashtag because it means I'm getting paid to blog. It means I'm ...more

Wayback Machine - Finding Community

Back in September of last year, after selling our house in Victoria, my husband and I flew to Windsor for a one-week whirlwind house-buying adventure in our soon-to-be new city. During the days that followed the accepted offer on what was to become our next home, we were tasked with several responsibilities which included arranging for home insurance. After a couple of false starts I was able to find a local agent who was associated with our existing insurance provider, and we headed over to his office to make the necessary arrangements. ...more

Do You Think the Daddy-Daughter Dance Should Have Been Cancelled?

I ran across an interesting blog post today entitled Empowering Our Children Through Disappointment. It talked about a recent news story of how a school had cancelled a father-daughter dance because a single mother in the community complained that her daughter didn't have a father to attend the dance with. The blog post posted following question:...more
@BlogHer absolutely not. Someone should step in or the mom should go.more

Voices of a Small Town

I gave myself a challenge several days ago. I was out and about in my community during the last few days and started asking questions. I spoke with a woman on main street and asked her what our community could do to improve. After she stopped looking at me like I had two heads her reply was simple. Better and more businesses. You see most of our main street does have businesses, but some of the older buildings are falling apart. So for some of those businesses it is a constant struggle to stay in business. ...more

Sense of Community

What does community mean to you? In my opinion it means a place that not only helps each other but supports each other. One big change from Minnesota to North Dakota is a sense of belonging. The community I moved from was truly a community. It was a special place to raise a family, and we all miss it....more

Responsible Communities

In today’s world we as moms face any number of challenges in raising our children. Technology is an ever increasing tool and challenge to parenting. Our local school applied and received a grant to provide a majority of the kids Ipad's this school year. I consider myself a mild techy, however, I am a loss this year. The school gave us specific instructions as how to set up an email and an iTunes account for our children that they will be using this year....more