How to Become a Master Networker at your own Company

1. Invite someone from another department to lunch or coffee once a month. Getting to know people outside your department makes you more visible and valued and increases the likelihood of collaboration in the future.2. Join a committee/company initiative. This is a great way to network with people and get to know them on a more personal level.  An example is a service/volunteerism project or committee....more

Boeuf Bourguignon (In Three Easy Steps)

Cold, extra-long wintery nights are so much warmer with mouth-watering boeuf bourguignon. That’s fancy for beef burgundy thanks to an overnight marinade in a whole bottle of red wine.  Boeuf bourguignon is not a last-minute-dig-in-your-pantry dish, but it does involve minimal cooking as long as you follow these three easy steps: 1) Organize your ingredients 2) Marinate the beef overnight 3) Sear the beef, then braise it with the wine/veggie marinade. Bon appetite! ...more

work sucked

So I would like to say that sometimes people suck, not any of you of course, haha, but just people in general can be terrible. I already said I wait tables at a restraunt, and heres my issue, if you are going to go out and sit at my table in my section for 2 hours can you please leave the credit card slip. NO not a tip, the signature slip, heres what happened, some bozo purposly or accidently took the slip== No tip! I would just like to know that you intentionally left no tip, bc that I can deal with, but having to take it pro bono bc you took the slip really sucks....more
@anonymissdeb thanks, your feedback is inspiring, i could not do massages, at least i dont have ...more

The Death of the Twinkie? (Not so fast)

I woke up this morning and scanned my emails.   Something caught my eye- an article that Hostess Brands was filing for bankruptcy and the fates of the Twinkie, Ding Dongs and Ho Hos were uncertain.     Oh-oh. Was this going to be the end of the Twinkie?  3 things come to mind when I think about Twinkies: ...more
There all kinds of food from my childhood I would love to try cotton candy. I ...more

Hospitality Lost and Found

I can’t remember if I trembled when they asked. I’m pretty sure I did. The question came in an e-mail but would’ve been cooler if it arrived via telegraph.               “Coming to your town for five days –(STOP)- Can we stay with you              –(STOP)-Or at least share one good Italian meal”   I held my hand under my mouth to catch the excuses as they flowed. Mostly buts....more
@victorias_view Hey Victoria--Sure! Come on over! How far do you live from WV?more

Hey Everyone- an easy to win iPad 2 Contest is here!

Hey everyone!So, first off, its not easy for us women in the workforce, but sometimes we do have some advantages over men- like this blog. Did you know that 75% of internet blogging is done by women? Pretty cool for us and so ok, let me get to my point, point being is I found this contest and I want to share it with all of you. Its pretty cool becuase it is so easy to win- just like the page and boom! You are entered. I have never won an easy thing in my life but I did a contest a while ago with this co and I won- so here I am to share the load with the rest of you gals!...more

Computers, Internet, Stands and Work, Work, Work

50's Style Floral Cabochon Necklace...more

Bread Pudding and House Elves

Had I known that bread pudding was really this easy to make, believe me, I would have made this a looong time ago! Check my Recipes tab for this super-easy, warm-cozy, make-by-yourself-and-enjoy-by-yourself bread pudding. I've just showered. It's my bed time. The kids are on Spring Break and enjoying their friends and movie time so the house is peaceful. I can actually hear the kitchen clock ticking. Aaaaaahhhhhhhh!...more

In its normal state

You know that "run around, hurry up, gotta get it done yesterday" routine that we all do when we have company coming? (Maybe that's just me..., anyway....) Well, we did that a couple of weeks ago before our guests arrived, and the tricky part was that the kiddos didn't know that company was coming. It was a BIG surprise for them....more

Turning Oops into Opportunity

Everyone has sent out an email with either a mistake or omitted important information. We’re only human and that’s part of our nature. So what happens next? A second email is immediately sent out following the first blast that corrects the previous mistakes....more