Agree or Disagree?

My husband and I are completely different. ...more

You're Doing It Wrong: Stop trying to change him

Many people, myself included, love a challenge. Tell me I can’t name all 50 state capitals or put my elbows together behind my back and I’ll jump at the chance to prove you wrong. Give me an words-written-per-hour goal and I’ll do my best to double it. I imagine the thrill of a challenge is among the reasons people run marathons, attempt souffle or decide to get multiple dogs for their one-bedroom apartment. Then there are the people who, upon meeting and subsequently dating someone, take up the challenge of changing another human being....more

Parenting Compatibility Exercise

Recently I was browsing through some old documents on my computer, and I came across an exercise that my husband and I did together when I was pregnant with Celia.  I'm sure I found it on the internet, and I didn't keep the 'instructions', but I think the basic idea was for each parent to rank the following parenting areas from most important (10) to least important (1) individually, and then to come back and compare each other's lists and discuss any discrepancies.The full post with the areas list as well as our rankings are on my blog at...more

Dear Dr. Romance: Is It More Important to Be Balanced or Compatible?

Dear Dr. Romance: What  is more important in a relationship: being balanced or compatible? Dear Reader: Compatibility trumps balance, but balance may be an important component of compatibility. Compatibility means having similar core values, living together well and comfortably, and being able to talk through problems and reach a mutually satisfactory solution.  Balance is similar to mutuality....more

How Do I Love Thee: Food For Thought Before You Say "I DO" - Lesson 3 - How Compatible Are We ?

 Compatibility means being capable of existing together in harmony. It means to be free of adverse or unwanted effects when present together. Compatible plants are able to fertilize freely. In the marriage relationship harmony is a key ingredient. We must have a common ground of existence. The marriage union is communion with God and one another. Look around you, despite the plethora of material comforts and gadgets available there are many unloved, unfulfilled, unhappy people....more