Overeating to Numb the Past

Everyone has a story from their childhood which stains their persona, causing permanent damage in the pattern of grief or pain. We are human. That’s a perk of having a highly functioning brain and opposable thumbs.But how we handle those situations from our past is what forms our coping mechanisms. Let’s face it, some adults handle stress better than others. The remainder of us have stressors which trigger unhealthy behaviors....more

Can You Recondition Your Brain to Stop Overeating?

Today I'm going 100 percent geek on you. But I'm also giving you excellent action steps and a little gift at the end. So grab a cup of tea, read this post carefully, then read it again, bookmark it and make sure you take action!Did you know that your eating behaviors are hardwired in your brain?Your three brains and eating From an evolutionary perspective, you have three brains. Our most primitive brain is our reptile or lizard brain. Then our mammal brain developed. And finally, our neocortex....more

Many Americans: Overweight and Addicted to Fast Food

As I look at TV show series like The Biggest Loser, Too Fat for 15 and Addicted to Food on the Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN),  I think about how I once topped the scales at almost 300 pounds and I can’t help but to wonder… Why are all these people getting so darn fat? Food has been delicious for a very long time but over the last 30 years the obesity rate for our country has more than tripled...more
Hi Bonnie.  Thanks for this great post.  I have been on a crusade to rid my pantry and family of ...more

Why Food Addiction, Binge Eating & Compulsive Overeating Disorder?

The Spiritual, Emotional and Physical Reasons for Compulsive Eating...more