If anybody said that to me five years ago, they would have received  a derisive sneer, along with my standard diatribe:...more

A farewell to my tabs

It had to happen, I suppose. For months I've had 20 25 35 a few tabs open in Chrome. Not always the same tabs. I open and close a lot of tabs, but about half of them have been open for a long time. Some I use frequently -- every few minutes or hours. Some daily....more
Karen Ballum Or my chocolate or my wine. Other things are negotiable ......more


I had an old dentist-the operative word here being OLD- he was in his 70′s.My mouth was full of silver and spit and polish to hold teeth together, but byGod, my teeth held together, Something had gotten to me,perhaps it was hearing the same old shtick overand over, and Jim said try my dentist. What a mistake. I never had a dentist who made crowns and things and let his dentalhygienist put them in.This guy thought he was something, showing offwhat he can do on a computer and how quickly he can “produce” things .One month later, a cap fell off. ...more

Geek Squad to the rescue

It's 530am on Tuesday and this is my 4th attempt at writng a post. Apparently Google chrome does not want me writing today. It crashed 3 times after I was halfway finished with a post. Then when I switched to Internet Explorer it wouldn't let me log in.Anyways!So I'm up early once again. At least once the baby, Drew, is here I will be awaked with something to do. Like change a diaper or feed. Instead, I awake now to....nothing! I have to stay quiet so the rest of the house can sleep....more

Wearable computers!

Writer: Dr. Pari EsfandiariOnce a concept exclusive to 007’s James Bond and seen in other spy movies, today it is real and here. ...more

Parents vs. Teenagers: How to Win the Internet Battle

I love my boys. They're good kids, respectful (most of the time) and hard working (again, most of the time.) I really couldn't ask for more. I have noticed, however, that something comes over them as they become teenagers. There is a small amount of testing the boundaries. OK, some days there's a lot of testing. This is not at all unexpected and I don't think for a second that they are approaching rebellion. They just do things occasionally that they know they we've asked them not to....more
No, I wouldn't have. If my children couldn't show enough maturity to not stay on the Internet ...more

Refusing to Update: Why is it important to update software?

 When it comes to computer programs, mobile apps, and web extensions and their time to update, a lot of people refuse to keep updating programs. I’ve seen it happen a lot. I for one update all my programs, apps, and all the other necessary stuff.Many people don’t like updating because it either disrupts what they’re already doing with the program, it takes too long, and the most popular, I just updated this program, why do I need to do it again?...more

Your Parenting Tip of the Day: Bookmark folders for each kid

Parenting Tip: Create a folder of Bookmarks for each childMy kids love playing on the computer. I'm on the computer a lot during the day while they're in school and I often come across a site or activity that I think they would enjoy. ...more

Wayback Machine: 80s Kids' Book About Computers

The Dude was so proud to show me his library books this week, especially the one he referred to as "really geeky". This retro throwback is an epic look at mid-80s tech.Read more on Wayback Machine: 80s Kids' Book About Computers....more

Who is That Wild-Looking Woman on My Computer Screen? Oh Dear God...It's Me

Three nights ago, I scared myself.  Bad.  I was watching TV and working on my laptop when I must have hit a button command by mistake....more
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