Brain Fart Thursdays...

For some reason on Thursdays I have a blogging block. I don't know if it is because every other day I usually have a backup plan if I don't have anything interesting well to me anyways, bugger off to say or what. But I had no idea AGAIN what to blog about. So I will just babble on endlessly til someone either tells me to shut the hell up or you start ignoring me....more

A More Affordable Way to Manage Your Business’s IT Support.

Is IT becoming too costly for the small or medium size businesses? Now there is a new solution for businesses and IT pros alike that will increase their productivity while reducing IT costs. DotComGuy has taken the MSP software as a service model that was only affordable to the Fortune 1000+ companies and re-engineered it for the small to medium size business consumers.By Jim Pascucci...more

Handwriting: Lost art or just not necessary anymore?

I’m not sure when this happened, but somewhere along the line, I have lost the ability to handwrite.Seriously. My hands can’t form letters with a pen anymore. They fight me and form these swishes that are loosely tied together and shape what looks to be a word. Or maybe not....more

I love giving and receiving a handwritten note. It just takes me forever to get one written that ...more

Isn’t technology grand?

My laptop recently committed suicide, and ever since I started using my new one, I noticed that Outlook didn’t display emails the way I was used to.  Rather than having multiple fields (attachment, importance, from, subject, date, etc.) it only displayed two fields.  I was able to change the two fields, but no matter what I did, I wasn’t able to increase the number of the fields that were shown. At first, this didn’t bother me too much....more

Poor Marc does a double take every time I touch something technical. I have gotten better, but ...more

Trying to find my way


when i first posted this I changed the text and it lumped everything into one paragraph =) ...more

Technological trauma

I hate technology… There, I said it…It feels better to admit it!   It should be bad enough we are so reliant on technology, and computers, in general.  But, it doesn’t stop there, does it?  We are also so reliant on our “own computers”....more

Cyberstalking: Stalking Awareness Month Part IV

They Say Change is Inevitable Fifty percent of our four-member household is pretty much anti-change....more

The Desk.

The Desk. It's been more than a month since my last post. Did you think I left for the weekend—and just didn't return? We all know how crazy December is....more

And I thought that we had a lot of stuff on our kitchen table. We have nothing on your desk! ...more

My Journey Into the Abyss...Building My Website

TheSecondAct Designing my first website...oh do I have much to learn!

I Caved...My Battle With Technology

TheSecondAct Read how I fought the battle and .....well...I can't really say that I lost....but I did cave!