Parents Need to Understand Online Video Games Rather than Hate Them

In today's day and age, the Massively Multi-Player Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) is the hottest trend in computer entertainment and they are only getting more interactive. Parents don't understand the extent of these games and instead of getting involved; they trash the whole idea and say that they ruining a child's life. As a gaming parent, I'm here to dismiss that myth. ...more

Software Repair Versus Hardware Repair

This post was donated by Lisa Hendrickson, owner of Call That Girl, a computer repair business based out of Minneapolis, MN. This past week, this was our client work load…Norton causing computer crashes, usb ports going wonky, Microsoft Security Essentials disappearing, two new computer set ups, Belkin router set up issues, viruses, not working,  slow computers, Macintosh training and a few Outlook calls. Most of these problems, with the exception of the usb ports going bad were all software repair....more

On Where I Win For Once


It was a proud, proud moment...more

Misplaced Finger Crashes Stock Market?

Thursday, May 6, the U.S. stock market plunged 1,000 points in eight minutes, one of the biggest dives in history. Read those points as more than $1 trillion dollars in market value gone poof. By the end of the trading day, the market bounced back, closing 348 points down, but oh, the drama! The chaos, the calls for antacids and Xanax as one "misplaced finger" almost hurled the world into a major money crisis. Financial death by typo. ...more

Someone missed their second cup of coffee and hit the wrong key.

This time Greece had nothing ...more

I think my computers all decided to do a robot uprising.

The night before last, my laptop decided to wake me up by playing music, from...nothing, apparently. The speakers are always muted, and I don't even have a media player on the laptop. Weird. So, I picked the little bastard up, hit the mute button again, checked to make sure the cord was still in okay, and set it back down under my end table.So, yesterday, I woke up and grabbed my laptop from beside my bed, and...noticed, somehow, even though it was still plugged in, it was dead (obviously just trying to catch me off-guard)....more

Ten Years in Tech: Marissa Mayer and Dori Smith

In the ten years since 2000, things changed rapidly in the technology field. We get used to them day by day, adopt changes and never look back. When you do take a moment to look back, you realize how much really has changed in the last 10 years. As part of BlogHer's 10 in 10 series, here are ten things about the last ten years of technology, starting with women in tech. ...more

is great, you totally deserve the mention.

Virginia DeBolt

School District Sued for Spying on Students via Webcam

Most U.S. school officials and teachers warn students about the dangers of sharing too much information online and teach young people ways to maintain relative privacy while connected to the Internet.  In Pennsylvania's Lower Merion School District, however, school officials allegedly took another approach: they surveilled students and their families by using the webcams built into laptops issued to students by their high schools....more



Students use computers for much more than reading e-texts, ...more

Apple's New iPad

Whether Apple's announcement of the tablet dubbed iPad made you long for one, scoff at how unnecessary they are, or crack jokes about the choice of name, you have to admit it was a huge announcement. ...more

This was written before anyone had one, so I appreciate you comments as an actual ...more

Women Report on the International Consumer Electronics Show

CES, the International Consumer Electronics Show, is a huge geek shindig held yearly in Las Vegas. There are 2500 exibitors talking about over 20,000 new products. There were keynotes from the likes of Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, Ford President Alan Mulally, and Nokia President Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo. There were celebrities like Lady Gaga, Drew Carey, author James Patterson and techie Guy Kawasaki. ...more