Parent Teacher Conferences Gone Bad

f you follow me on Instagram (jwarrenauthor), then you might have seen my post this week about mom guilt. That was due to a parent teacher conference that I had via phone with my son’s preschool teacher. The conversation turned into a “Is he ready for Kindergarten?” bit with the teacher saying all sorts of comments such as:  ...more

My head is spinning. Such is life as a blogger.

If you're my friend on Facebook forgive the somewhat duplicate commentary from me. I started to write it all there and decided, well, this is almost a post - is it not? And so, here I am.And in all my confused glory ...I am so all over the place when it comes to conferences this coming year....more

2015 Food Blogging Conferences

I sat down and created a list of all of the Food Blogging Conferences in the US for 2015. Here's what I have so far. Get out your calendars and start planning!See the list HERE...more

BlogHer 14- Inspiration

Two years ago, I was at my 20th high school reunion telling people that I was a blogger.  "Wow, there was just a huge conference  last week back in New York," said a friend's husband who lived in New York City.  "Were you there? I mean, my god there were bloggers everywhere!""Oh no, not me, I'm so small," I said sheepishly.  "That conference is BlogHer, it's huge. I don't know what I'd do there."Then I carried on with reunion-ing.  I laughed and drank wine and danced and celebrated....more

The Blogging Connections from Being Face-to-Face

While scrolling through my Facebook feed a few weeks ago, I caught a glimpse of some of my favorite bloggers at one of the season's first conferences. I read their tweets – brilliant little tips and sentiments picked up in one session or another, hash tagged and collected. I watched as they communicated with one another virtually in the hopes of finding one another physically. For a brief moment, I dreamed about what it would be like to be right there with them. ...more
I'd consider dressing in drag like Tom Hanks in "Bosom Buddies" to get into BlogHer. They just ...more

The BlogHer Food '13 Conference Guide and Mobile App

With BlogHer Food '13 right around the corner, we've been busy getting things together to help your conference weekly run smoothly. Today we're pleased to share with you both our Conference Guide and our Mobile App!...more

What works and what does not work in a (traditional) conference? Dos and Donts

What works and what does not work in a (traditional) conference? This is my personal list: DON'TS:...more

A list of dislikes in (scholarly) presentations

We all now that reading is just not acceptable in conferences (it is boring and uninformative).Now, I would like to address the opposite risk: the speaker who has attended a class on public speaking and believes that s/he has most of all to be entertaining. I know, in each book and website about how to reach the next level in your presentations and/or blogposts and/or in your speaking skills, you will read that you have to tell stories, be personal, use images. However, if you are like me, you might instead agree with what follows: ...more
A further update: avoid the genre "10 lessons about X from Felix ...more

DEFCON: Why Conference Harassment Matters

This weekend was DEFCON 20, the largest and most famous hacker[1] conference in the world. I didn't go to DEFCON because I'm a woman, and I don't like it when strangers grab my crotch.  ...more
One hundred percent right, those that  want to know all about you, by any means necessary, has a ...more

Pack Your Bags for a Conference

Summer seems to be a busy conference season, at least for folks like me, who don't regularly attend work-related meetings through-out the year.  I've received registration info for conferences for my sorority, state PTA, and Mocha Moms, in addition to the trade shows for wool and yarn (yes, there is such a thing), books, and scrapbooking.  And I know others have headed off to to other sorority conferences, Jack & Jill, BlogHer12, home business companies, and who knows what else....more