#BlogHer16 Connections Via Old School Twitter Lists? Yes!

Last week I wrote about one great benefit that conference attendees receive once they register: admittance to the official "Going To BlogHer Annual Conference" Facebook group.  ...more

Inside Out | A Kids (and Grown-ups) Guide to Emotional Connection

I love Pixar. Their movies always pull at the heart strings and those are my favorite kind of movies. I think I've cried watching almost every single one of the Pixar Films. I grew up with Toy Story and the adventures of those toys and how much they loved Andy. It got me every time. Inside Out rings true as another beloved Pixar film and another one for the record books....more

How to Go With the Flow in Conversation

"A friend is someone who reaches for your hand, but touches your heart."-Antoine de Saint-ExuperyThroughout the holiday season - a period of peak banter - I chatted it up with friends and family, but I also observed and experimented.You see, a couple months ago, during a professional development workshop at my school, our instructional coach presented on teaching c...more

A Newbie Speaker and Attendee at BlogHer '13: My 5 Favorite Things

A week has passed since I spoke at the Newbie Networking Workshop at BlogHer '13. I attended the conference as a n00b attendee and first-time speaker (although, not a newbie speaker outside of BlogHer) and wanted to share five of my favorite (fun) things about the experience....more
This is great - I'm a newbie this year and I can't wait! :)more

Friend me ~ Follow me ~ Connect !

I'm tweeting, I'm writing, and I'm Blogging.  With no response.I guess for the most part I do it all because I like to write, but every no and then... I like to talk... dialogue... connect with other like minded people.  Or even those who oppose my views,heck at least it would be some form of banter.But.... Nothing!  I thought well, I need  to give it awhile be diligent in my post, add flavor to my content... Really Share, which isn't always easy for us HR folks, and NOTHING....more
 @greg stallworth  I'm great. And you, now that you are back home. Respond via email. :-)more

The Many Sparkling Shades of BlogHer Blue

One of the greatest gifts given to me was a bracelet that I received from my two closest friends on my graduation day from university. It was without their support I would have never finished my degree. I would have crumbled at defeat without their positive pep talks when the kids were sick and the chips looked like they were tumbling down against me. ...more
Glad I read this, though again late to the party.  I totally agree with your very articulate ...more

Is Technology Destroying Your Relationships?

I read an article recently saying that Facebook is making us lonely. In typically alarmist fashion, the piece opened with the grim image of Yvette Vickers, a former Playboy Playmate, found mummified in her L.A. home, bathed in the creepy glow of her computer screen. Forensic pathologists estimated she'd been dead for a year when she was discovered. The message of the article was clear: no matter how many people we connect with online, we're all going to die alone. ...more
 @Rita Arens , mine is not so neatly divided because of how much I traveled in my life, probably ...more

BlogHerMoms: Do You Know Where Your YOU Is?

I think it’s also true that being a mother really doesn’t change you all that much. Somewhere underneath all that meal-making and scraped-knee kissing we do, we are still the same 14-, 23- or 37-year-old we’ve always been, trying to find our way and our place in life, to become who we really are, the concentrated orange-juice version of ourselves: rich, potent, bright, and more satisfying....more
I understand how it feels to lose yourself when you become consumed with motherhood and life in ...more

Should He Stay or Should He Go Now? The Kindergarten Question

The Question Many people have asked me why we decided to send Darling 1 to school this year rather than wait until next year....more

Contest Giveaway - Do something for somebody everyday for which you do not get paid - Albert Schweitzer

Yesterday, I heard a sermon that was both a challenge and yet naive.  The theme was simple.  Real power is getting behind.  Getting behind another to help them take a step ahead. Numerous examples were given from Mother Teresa to Father Damien. In closing, the preacher uttered an Albert Schweitzer quote…Do something for somebody everyday for which you do not get paid.   ...more