Little Mama The Contest Queen

I will never forget the first time my mom won her first “big” prize.  And by big, I mean it wasn’t being the 10th caller for a pair of tickets to Olympic History on Ice....more

Sharing Recipe Contest with BlogHer Foodies and Bloggers

I don't know about you, but sometimes I let the simplest recipe contests pass me by. I'm running this one for the California Strawberry Commission so I can't enter it - but I thought I'd share the info with you all. So here you go! Good luck if you enter!FALL FOR STRAWBERRIES RECIPE CONTEST OPEN FOR SUBMISSIONS  All Cooks, Food Bloggers, Chefs, Foodies and Strawberry Lovers Invited toEnter Recipe Contest to Win up to $500!  ...more

Winning on Twitter

Let me start by saying I've probably won three times as much on Twitter as all the other ways.  And contrary to popular perception, you do not have to participate on Twitter via your cell can all be done online.First, follow your favorite brands on Twitter.  They frequently hold Twitter only contests for free full size products, promotional items, etc.  Because Twitter has significantly lower usage than Facebook, you have much better odds!!...more

Winning on Facebook, Part One

The very first step to winning on Facebook is to follow your favorites.  Which favorites?1.  Your favorite food brands.  Brands such as Ore-Ida, Uncle Ben's and Coffeemate frequently give away full size products.  And who couldn't use free food at the grocery store?2.  Your favorite alcohol. they won't actually give you beer or vodka...but they do give away t-shirts and other promotional items!...more

Winning: The Basics

1.  Follow ALL the rules exactly!  Even one misstep can get you disqualified.2.  Always be polite!  Say thank you when you win, congratulate the winners if you don't!3.  Be grateful!  Bloggers in particular earn their living off views of their blog and reviewing the products they're giving away.  If winning or requesting a sample from a company...remember, they don't have to give you free stuff!!  Be glad that you have the opportunity!...more

Winning Contests and Sweepstakes

I enter a lot of contests and sweepstakes.  I mean, A LOT!!  And here lately, I've been on a major winning streak.  From free groceries to concerts, I've pretty much covered all the bases!!  Except for that elusive iPad...I'm still trying for that golden ring!The best part of winning?  I get the privilege of sharing these experiences/goods with my friends and family. ...more

Earth Day Giveaway

Why wear Organic T-shirts? Earth friendly yet stylish. Fitted with a soft and smooth feel. Reduces your carbon footprint. Why drink from reuseable water bottles?...more

Far to Go by Alison Pick

I can’t even begin to tell you how much I enjoy reading books that take place in Europe, especially when I come across a brilliant historical fiction novel that is set during the days leading up to (and during) the Holocaust. To me, those days were the darkest days our world has seen, and I can’t get enough of books that teach me new things about what happened during that time. For instance, Far to Go taught me about Kindertransport, which managed to rescue nearly 10,000 Jewish children from Germany, Austria, Poland and Czechoslovakia....more

Staying Healthy (Opportunity to win $100 Walgreens giftcard from Marriage Confessions!)

I don't read a ton of blogs...but I am currently addicted to Marriage Confessions. This is probably because I love stories of high school sweethearts and this blog is a real life story of two high school sweethearts who are now married with a son (and expecting a daughter in about 3 weeks!). The woman who writes it, Katie, (along with Walgreens and blogher I believe) has decided to sponsor a contest to get a Walgreens giftcard! Here is the link to her post: