Do Tell: Share Your Worst Hairstyle Contest. Look Who Won an iPad!

There are really two prizes that came out of the Do Tell Worst Hairstyle Contest. One was the actual iPad, but the other was the photos. Oh, the photos! ...more

I can't tell you how excited I am. Seriously. SO MUCH. Thank GOD my really really really bad ...more

Do Tell: Share Your Prom Dress Photos and Win an iPod Touch!

The conversation went something like this: "My dress? I just remember bows. Everything had bows. Bows on the boobs, bows on the butt, bows around the bottom, clip-on bows for my shoes, bows in my hair ... " "Mine was short, and the entire bodice was made of stretchy black sequins." "Whoa. Black sequins? That sounds ... " I was sure my friend was going to tell me that my sequined dress sounded like a joke. But she surprised me. "... kind of AMAZING." ...more

I hate to be a party-pooper, but I was the poor nerd girl who couldn't have afforded to go to ...more

Do Tell: Share the Shoes You Want to Be Buried In and Win a $100 Visa Gift Card

Shoe porn. We've all seen it -- the beautifully lit stiletto balanced on a glass shelf, the perfectly manicured toes peeping out of a delicate sandal. But wait, there's more to it than that, right? ...more

Macbuckleboot by Via Accenti


Rules for Worst Hairstyle Contest


During my highschool days in the 1960's, I would put huge rollers in my hair every single night ...more

Do Tell: Share Your Latte Name and Win a Flip Video!

So you're standing in line at the coffee shop, and the barista asks your name. Ever give out a fake? Rita is just so boring. Maybe I should be Cassandra. Or Juliana. Or Contessa Zahara von Edamame. ...more

A friend of mine, that I worked with at a summer camp was named Dory, and I loved her name... I ...more

You've Got to See the Video to Believe It: Holiday Hot Mess Winner Adrienne Van Houten

Remember when I asked you to show me your piles, your boxes, your bags and your ribbons? Your cookies, pies, ovens and missing hair bobbins? Well, you did. And YOU DID! ...more

What a fun idea--to get "real" about how chaotic things can get, especially around the ...more