Cookbook and restaurant guide spotlights some of Kentucky's best dishes

One of the perks of being a newspaper editor is sometimes receiving complimentary copies of books to review.I jumped all over the chance to get a copy of "Kentucky Back Road Restaurant Recipes: A Cookbook and Restaurant Guide," because it features several things I'm pretty enthusiastic about: my home state, off the beaten path mom and pop restaurants, and plenty of tempting recipes.The book is part travel guide, part cookbook.It features a recipe from one of Irvine's own long-time favorite establishments, the little walk-up restaurant that we call "The Twin."...more

The South In Your Mouth

   The South In Your Mouth ...more

Favorite Cookbooks: What I'm Loving Now

Aren't we all suckers for good cookbooks? I mean, who actually needs more recipes when you consider there's more of them passing in front of our eyes than we'll ever have time to make. Yet, we keep buying cookbooks. My favorite cookbooks contain recipes that inspire me to get in the kitchen, pretty pictures, and good stories. I keep my heavy-rotation cookbooks right on my kitchen counter. ...more

A Few Of My Favorite Things

I love nothing more than spending a snowy winter day with a big journal, wrapping up my year by seeing where I have been with my goals, my health, my career and/or my family and looking ahead to the following year with a fresh plan of action and aspirations.  I also like making a list of the websites, books and workshops (all related to nutrition and food of course) that have inspired me this past year. I would love to share them, my gift from me to you!Mind/Body/Sprit Books That Inspired Me:...more

Newbie Recipe Writer Seeks Your Advice!

Have you thought of doing the single picture of multiple recipes thing? Lots of magazines use ...more

Bakeless Brownies and a Review of Bakeless Sweets

You know what they say about assuming….I write this post in sincere humility, to demonstrate that even experienced bakers such as myself, who routinely instruct others of you how to bake on this website, are capable of making absolutely ridiculous mistakes. Alas. And sometimes we even do it when it really counts, such as when celebrating our daughter’s 8th birthday. - See more at:

Hungry for Words - Upcoming Weekend Food Writing Workshops

What makes great food writing endure? How do you take your writing to the next level? What does it take to sell a food memoir? Join me June 22nd-23rd when I'll be hosting my intensive weekend-long food writing workshop "Hungry for Words" on the east coast for the first time thanks to the independent bookstore Politics & Prose and non-profit Writer's Center in Washington, D.C. ...more

The Foodarella Experimental Cookbook: I Need Your Recipes!

My name is Karen, and I am an eater, a mom, a lover of giant brass gongs, tumbleweeds, nature, art and all things homemade.  I live waaaay up in Sequoia National Forest in California with my family, in an old cabin deep in the pines, where we make our own power, listen to bobcats, cut our own firewood, and have never had curtains on the windows.  We live down a 3 mile dirt 4-wheelin' road and often get snowed in during the winter, and our nearest "neighbors" are miles away....more

Dear Gwyneth

Dear Gwyneth,  Can I have a word with you, friend to friend?Please stop writing cookbooks.I'm sorry, but it had to be said.And be grateful that it's coming from me, because there are plenty of harsher critics out there....more