5 Common Mistakes To Avoid While Using A Slow Cooker

From smooth oats and soups to meat and treat, the slow cooker is one mystical kitchen device. Stack it up with fixings, approach your day, and get compensated with a heavenly dinner hours after the fact.There are various customs for this helpful machine. Today, we're concentrating on the five most basic slow cooker botches and our best tips on the excellent way to keep away from them....more

B.A.T.H. Grilled Cheese Sandwich

We came up with the idea for this one night while drinking but it’s scrumptious enough to enjoy sober or otherwise !Ingredients...more

Oil war! Which oil is right for cooking?

When you pass through the aisles of super market, have you ever wondered why there are variety of oils in those shelves? Too many brands, types, colors; Every bottle with its own benefits & USP. When it comes to buying the oil, every person has its own perception with respect to taste, texture, health etc. Do you think you are using the right oil? Have you ever questioned yourself?...more

A Divine Noodle Recipe With Pine Nuts, Chicken & Spinach

 Luscious food is all about coming up with perfect combination of quintessential ingredients, that bring splendid taste when cooked accordingly. No one can ever deny the fact that cooking is an art, and the more time you devote to it the better you can cook. It’s essential that you start thinking about how to prepare scrumptious food by mixing together healthy and taste enhancing ingredients....more

Secrets to help you get through Christmas meal

Even for the most experienced cook, Christmas dinner can still pose a challenge. If you find yourself in such a situation try making Turkey with the following sauces for the bigTurkey and gravy...more

The Ideal Cookware For Your Kitchen

 Picture this, you make a deliberate effort to keep you kitchen clean every day. So you ensure that your counter tops are thoroughly cleaned, crumbs are swiftly removed from the tables and you make a commitment to ensure that the dishes don't pile up after use at any given time of the day....more

Dinner at home

As mentioned before, I am the primary cook in my family. I love cooking. And I feel secure enough to admit that the idea of cooking for my family has been integrated with what I think constitutes Mommyness for me....more

Remembering Tarla Dalal

In an earlier post in November 2014, I had paid a small tribute to one of India's most influential cookery experts, Tarlaji Dalal on her death anniversary. Many of my generation learnt numerous nuances of cooking and the finer points of planning a menu from Tarlaji.  Tarla Dalal was an extremely versatile person. She taught cookery, hosted cookery shows, and wrote cookery books....more

Make Homemade Pumpkin Butter In Thirty Minutes

I think it has been pretty well documented around here that I am a BIG fan of pumpkin. I am one of "those people" that relishes in the onslaught of pumpkin everything that comes our way during the months of September through November. Some of you may not feel this strongly about pumpkin, but I think we can still be friends as long as you don't hate on it, OK?...more